Love falls in four ways

Calypso is a girl. Not just any girl. A Viner. Like Nash Grier, she is asked to be part of the Magcon Tour. On her first tour, she meets four if the most amazing boys. They fall for her and she falls for them. Who will she chose?


6. six

I was unpacking in my hotel room when there was a knock on my door. I ran to go answer it.

I opened the door to a grinning Cameron.

Cameron- well don't you look beautiful.

Caly- I looked the exact same thing on the plane...

Cameron- I know. I saw that in a movie, had to say it.

Caly- well your attempt was sweet, but, I have to unpack.

Cameron- so you don't want to go to the beach?

I spun around.

Caly- the beach?

Cameron- yep! But seeming as you don't wan-

Caly- let me get my flip flops!

He chuckled and linked his arm with mine. We skipped down the hall to the path that leads to the beach. It's nothing like Cali... But it's a beach. I was still wearing my regular clothes but so was Cameron.

We walked down the beach. I kept seeing families. Complete families with fathers and mothers, and brothers and sisters. It's a shame, really that I'll never see my mom again. And I only have so much of her left.

I turned my head away. Cameron was a nice guy. I've only known him for a day... But he's... Nice. He turned and smiled at me.

Caly- what is it?

Cameron- your beautiful.

Caly- is that from a movie too?

Cameron- no.

He started to lean in. And I did too. We where only centimetres away, until I pulled back. His closed eyes opened and seemed to question me.

I don't know why, but I can't kiss him.

Cameron- what was that for?

Caly- I can't...

Tears formed in my eyes and I turned and ran full speed to the hotel. Threw the sand, past the people, on the path, threw the doors and hallways, up the stairs, and straight into Matt.

He dropped everything and we fell to the floor. He was laughing and smiling, until he saw my face.

Matt- what's wrong?

Caly- nothing.

Matt- something. Please tell me. I won't tell anyone. I promise.

Caly- I can't kiss him.

All the memories flooded back into my head. No! I won't remember! I don't want to...

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