Love falls in four ways

Calypso is a girl. Not just any girl. A Viner. Like Nash Grier, she is asked to be part of the Magcon Tour. On her first tour, she meets four if the most amazing boys. They fall for her and she falls for them. Who will she chose?


5. five

The plane ride was fine. Other than the fact that I had a five year old little boy constantly kicking my seat! We had 1 more hour to go and I couldn't stand it.

Caly- Please don't kick my seat.

Kid- your not my mom!

I turned around Nash had his head phones in. I saw Shawn across from me and he nodded.

Shawn got up and gave me his seat and he took mine.

As we passed each other, I thanked him and sat down next to... Cameron.

Cameron- hey!

Caly- hey!

Cameron- I think we should date.

Caly- what?

Cameron- ah come on! You heard me. Just one date?

I thought about this.

Caly- fine. One date.

I don't think Nash noticed I was gone until he looked over. I smiled and pointed to the kid behind my seat and Shawn who was fighting anger. But not from the little boy kicking his seat, him and the boy in front of him, Matt where arguing and pointing to me.

After 30 minutes of trying to figure this out, I just fell asleep.

I woke up to Matt shaking me a little.

Matt- get up. The plane has landed.

Caly- Is that code? Or did the plane actually land

Matt- the plane has actually landed, and that was funny.

I sat up and reached for my luggage. Mahogany handed it to me and we left the plane.

I decided to ride with Mahogany since we where going to the same hotel. We talked about the boys and she explained what she does at Magcon. She's kind of a Dj.

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