Love falls in four ways

Calypso is a girl. Not just any girl. A Viner. Like Nash Grier, she is asked to be part of the Magcon Tour. On her first tour, she meets four if the most amazing boys. They fall for her and she falls for them. Who will she chose?


8. chapter 8

When it was my turn, I ran up on stage waving. Nobody knew I was going to be at Magcon, so when they heard my name and saw my face, there where lots of hollers and screams.

Caly- hello!

Fans- Oh my gosh!! Your Caly Fray!

We finished my part and then Jack and Jack sang flights. Then Shawn Mendes sand the Cameron Dallas song. And we finished off with a tweet off. It was so much fun! The crew split up. I had lunch/dinner with Mahogany, Nash went to hang out with Cameron. Matt and Shawn where arguing in the corner and Jack and Jack do whatever. I'm not really friends with the ones I didn't mention. Not because I don't like them, because we don't really talk.

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