"Like Romeo and Juliet"

Hasley Sherwood just moved to Sydney, Australia with her parents. She has what people would call a "perfect life". She's top of all her classes, she's extremely fit, and her parents are good to her. Atleast that's what people see. The gruesome reality of it is that she hates school, she smokes, and her parents ignore her all the time. Hasley Sherwood is not the girl that everyone thinks they know. If she can't fix herself, then who will?
Michael Clifford has lived in Sydney, Australia his whole life. He has a wrecked life and everyone can see that. His mother abuses him, he ditches school, and he's what people would call a "physco". His gruesome reality is just that. Michael Clifford is wrecked. If he can't fix himself, then who will?
Will they fix each other?


1. Day 1

Hasley's POV.





    All I heard was my name being said repeatedly. I had a massive headache and felt like I could sleep for another five years. 

    "Hasley." I heard again, finally opening my eyes revealing my brother, Tanner, standing in front of me. 

    "What's the matter?" I asked, my headache getting stronger.

    "Mom and Dad are home." 

    "Good for them." I shuffled in my bed. Everybody in this town thought that Tanner and I absolutely loved our parents but the reality of it is that we actually hated them. They just wouldn't let us tell anyone that we feel that way about them. To my parents, we needed to be "perfect", so that's exactly what everyone thought we were. 

    "No, you don't understand Has. We had a party last night and you drank a lot."

    "Shocker." I whispered. Another thing no one knows is behind all the fake 'I never drink or smoke and get fantastic grades because I love school', is the real 'I drink too much, I smoke often, I hate school'. Me drinking a lot last night didn't surprise me at all and probably didn't surprise Tanner either. 

    "Mom and Dad can't know that you drank Has. Look at you. You look like you drank at least three beers." I got up out of bed and walked into my bathroom. I observed myself in the mirror. I looked wrecked. My eyes were puffy and red, my lips looked swollen, my face was pale. I looked sick, and that's exactly what my parents would believe. 

    "Tanner! Hasley!" My Dad called from downstairs. 

    "This is where the acting comes in." I smirked and ran downstairs, Tanner following close behind me. 

    "Hasley. You look sick." My Mom said.

    "Yup. I'm sick. Must be a stomach flu or something." I coughed. 

    "Well anyway," My Dad interrupted, not caring, as usual, "We have some big news." 

    "Like?" Tanner questioned.

    "We're moving. To Australia." My Mom said excitedly. 

    "Australia?" I asked.

    "Yes Hasley. Australia. Open your ears." My Mother answered back. 

    "When do we leave?" Tanner spoke up after the awkward silence. 

    "A couple weeks." My Father answered. I just sat there, still. Barely listening to them. I couldn't care less where we go. As long as we get out of this fake world in California. 

"This is great. I can't wait." I said, adding a fake cough in with it.

The best part was that I wasn't lying. I really couldn't wait to leave California. Yeah, the whether was nice and all, but I think moving would be the perfect way for me to start over with a new life. This could be something great. Not only for me, but for everyone.

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