The good girl (Faith) falls in love with the badboy (Justin) her parents warn her about. They say he'll brainwash her brain so she gets bad grades and behave badly like he does.
When their relationship started to get real they have to keep it undercover so people won't split them apart. They decide to run away together but how will that go?


1. Chapter 1.

(Faith's pov)

I woke up a Monday morning and got out of the bed. I went into my bathroom and turned on the shower and stripped naked. I got in the shower, cleaning myself like you do when you're in the shower? When I was done I stepped out and started drying my body and wrapped the towel around me and went back into my room. I let the towel drop and put on my bra and panties and went to my clothes to find something to wear. I took a black floral tank top and some black high waisted shorts. I put it on and looked myself in the mirror. You could barely see my black bra underneath which is good that it wasn't totally visible you fell me? I went over to my makeup desk and started doing my makeup with black eyeshadow from the center lid to the outta corner making my eyes pop. I took on some mascara and brushed my hair. My hair was normally straight so I let it be. I found my purse and my phone and went downstairs where my mum and dad was.
"Sure you don't need a bigger bag sweetheart?" My mum asked like she does every morning.
"No all my things is at my locker so I don't see any reason" I said smiling at her. She nodded and I went into the kitchen and mixed some fruit in a bowl and started eating it.
"Sweetie me and your dad have something to tell you" my mum said and they came into the room. I looked up at them. God I hope she wouldn't say they were having another baby. They looked at each other and back at me.
"We're getting married" she said and I rolled my eyes. My mum and dad never got married even tho they had the money to a wedding like the one in bridesmaids. Yeah we're rich but I'm not like one of those fake ass whores some is.
"Do I have to be a bridesmaid?" I asked and kept on eating my fruit. 
"Of course not if you don't want to" my mum said and I nodded. I looked at the watch and finished my breakfast fast.
"I got to go to school, I'm happy for you two bye" I said while grapping my phone and bag and went out the door. I unlocked my range rover and got in and drove to the school. I parked in the parking lot and got in the school where my boyfriend Chad waited by my locker. 
"Hey baby" he said and kissed my cheek. I smiled and opened my locker to get my things. 
"Wanna go home to me after school and have some fun" he whispered in my ear and started moving his hand from my stomach to my chest. Before his hand got that far I slapped it away and looked up at him with a tired look. Is he fucking serious?
"You're disgusting" I said and pushed past him to get to class. When I got in there my friends sat there waiting for me I guess?
"Faith!" Marie yelled and got up and hugged me. I giggled and hugged her back. My eyes went down to the back of the class and I saw Justin the bad boy staring at us. My parents warn me about him, saying he would turn me into a bad girl and I would never be my good self again. It just made me interested in talking to him tho. Me and Marie finally pulled away from the hug and I hugged my two other friends Cassidy and Camila. 
"Wanna go shopping today?" Marie asked as we sat down and they looked at me. I nodded and the devil of every devil entered the room. My math teacher. I sighed and opened my books. 
When class was finally over I ran into Chad. He held my waist stopping me from falling. You might think that I don't love Chad after what happened earlier but I do, I'm just not ready for sex and he kinda begs for it a lot. 
"Hey again baby" he said and kissed me lightly. I kisses him back and we pulled away. 
"Hi" I said smiling at him. He smiled back and we went to our lockers and got our books for the next class.
"I love you see you at lunch" I said and kissed his cheek. I went to my class and sat down waiting for the teacher to come.

School was finally over and me and the girls met by my locker. 
"Let's go?" I asked as I put all my books in my locker and they nodded. We went out to my car and we all got in. 
"So how are you and Chad going, moved to the next step?" Marie asked and I could hear the smirk in her voice.
"OMG does everyone only have sex in their head these days?" I asked making them laugh. It wasn't even for fun I said it.
I pulled up at the mall and we all got out of the car. 
"I need to get new shorts" Marie wined and I rolled my eyes. And with shorts she mean shorts nearly looking like fucking panties. She dresses like a slut. She's still my bestfriend tho. We got in the mall and went into different stores.
"Marie try get some clothes that covers more" I said as she looked at another crop top that looked more like a bra.
"No let the boys stare all they won't" she said smirking. Yes she's my bestfriend but sometimes I seriously hate her.
"Let's go to a cafe" Cassidy said and we nodded. Marie put the top down again and we started walking to a cafe.
"The waiter is kinda hot" Marie said and gave him flirty looks. I face palmed myself and started waking to a table and the others followed.
"He's totally into me" Marie said and kept looking at him. I fake gagged making her look at me and the others giggle.
"No" I said and they laughed. Marie knew that I never meant it really bad cause if you can't be mean to your bestie something's wrong.

After walking around the mall for a god damn long time we drove home. 
"Who's are we gonna go to?" Camila said and I felt everyone's eyes on me. We always hung out at my house. Trust me I don't even know why that's just have it always have been.
"Yeah yeah we're going to my house" I said and rolled my eyes. We reached my home and we got in with all our shopping bags. 
"Hi mum!" I yelled out and she came out to us.
"Hey girls, was it a nice day at school and the mall?" She asked and we all nodded.
"I forgot to ask you if I can go to Chads party on Friday? He's holding a party since it's the last day of this school year" I said and I could see my mum thinking about it. She didn't like me going to parties cause she didn't like the getting high and drunk thing.
"I don't know sweetheart.." She said and I made puppy dog eyes.
"Please mum you know I won't drink and it's the last day of school I need to go" I said and she giggled.
"Okay but no getting drunk, you can drink but make sure you can still drive home by your self" she said and I smiled big and kissed her cheek.
"Thanks mum" I said and me and the girls went up to me room and sat down at the bed.
"Exited for his party?" Cassidy said looking at all of us.
"He'll yeah" Marie said. Like that would surprise me. 
"Yeah I guess" I said and Camila nodded. Parties weren't really my thing but it's my boyfriend who's holding it and it is the last day of school so of course I would go.
"But Justin was totally staring at you today" Camila said and smiled big at me. I rolled my eyes and Marie moved closer to me.
"He's hot and the fact he wants you. I'm jealous" she pouted and I laughed at her.
"Dosen't surprise me Marie" I said and she fake gasped and we all laughed.

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