Is It Love?

Hi. My name is Stefanie and I'm 16 years old. A trip to an event named Magcon changed my life. You're probably thinking, "Yeah yeah.. Read a story like this before. She meets Nash Grier. Blah blah blah, they fall in love." This story is a little out of the ordinary. Read now to find out the big question. Is it love?


9. Chapter 8

Chapter 8

I walked into the double doors, where the terror awaits. The person I see is Stacy SainClaire.

Stacy SainClaire- Most popular girl at school. Captain of the cheer team. Slept with almost every guy at school and for some reason, she hates my guts.

She walks up to me and knocks all the books out of my hand. "Hey you little slut." Im not quite sure why she called me a slut. She's the one who sleeps with all the guy. I keep my head down and pick up my books. When I got my books, I ran as fast as I could to my locker. I heard Stacy yell "Run BITCH!" Why does she hate me so much. I go straight to the library because I know that's were my friends are. When I walk in, I see them sitting there. "Hey guys! Stacy was being a bitch (sorry Bethany) and she knocked all my books down. Why does she hate me so much." I said quickly. None of them turn around to even look at me. Maybe something sad happened to one of them. I was going to sit in the empty seat that I always sit in, but Tiffany pulled the seat back when I was about to sit. I fell to the ground. Everyone in the library started laughing and the librarian was trying to keep them quiet. I'm pretty sure saying "Shhhhhhhhhh! This is a library." isn't going to do anything. I looked at Tiffany and she had an evil smirk on her face. I knew she hates me and so does all my friends. I don't even know why. The bell rings. For the rest of the day, people keep shunning me like I'm a ghost or something. I asked the boy who sits next to me in math why people are being so rude. "We already know you had sex with the famous Vine Star. What's his name? Mash Gryer or something like that." He said. My face went blank. I didn't have sex with him! I looked at the boy confusingly. Now it all makes sense. That why Stacy called me a slut. Who is spreading that rumor? I really don't care right now... When the bell rang, I quickly walked to out of the classroom. Then I started running to my car. Someone tripped me and turned away like they didn't do anything. I fell hard to the ground. I got up and brushed myself off. When I got to my car, I saw a note that was stuck to my window. It said "You are such a fucking whore! You fell for 'The Game Plan'. I warned you."

I know exactly who wrote that. I tore the note off of my window and went in my car. I got a text from Nash.


Nash- Why are people saying that we had sex?

Me- Oh... You heard about that? Same thing at my school.

Nash- I don't go to school.

Me- What?!

Nash- I do online school.

Me- Oh, then how did you hear about it?

Nash- Twitter, Instagram. You know, social media and stuff.


Nash- Yep.

Me- Shit.

Nash- I know. Hopefully, people will realize it's a rumor.

Me- Hopefully. I have to go. Bye.

Nash- Bye.

So Nash does online school. Maybe I should too. I can get away from all those people. Even the ones I used to call my best friends...

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