Is It Love?

Hi. My name is Stefanie and I'm 16 years old. A trip to an event named Magcon changed my life. You're probably thinking, "Yeah yeah.. Read a story like this before. She meets Nash Grier. Blah blah blah, they fall in love." This story is a little out of the ordinary. Read now to find out the big question. Is it love?


23. Chapter 22

Chapter 22

"Should we still play this game?" I asked, unsure of how this game was going to end up. Everyone stared at me like I was crazy. "Of course we should continue playing the game!" Emily yelled. Of course she would want to because she got to make out with her dream boy. "Truth or dare, Nash?" Taylor asked. I already knew what Nash was going to say. "Truth." Taylor had to think about this for a while because her expected a dare. "Have you ever banged Stefanie?" Taylor asked. Everyone started listening and waiting quickly for an answer. I started to get embarrassed. "Ummm... No..." Nash said nervously. Carter started screaming out laughing like he always does. "I guess Matt stole her virginity!" Tiffany said. She needs to learn how to shut up sometimes. "Truth or dare, CARTAH!" I asked. He looked at me with a deadly looking. He hates being called that and only his mom can call him that. "Dare!" Hmmm... What would be a good dare for Carter. I tried not to have him do anything dirty, like everyone else. "Hmmmm... How about... You have to call your mom and tell her you got a girl pregnant." Did I take it to far? At least he didn't have to have sex with anyone. Melissa gave me a deadly look like she expected me to dare him to have sex with her. "WHAT?!? She'll kill me!" Carter yelled. I could tell that he didn't want to do it, but that's the game. Now we'll see who will be laughing their ass of now. He pulled out his phone and called him mom. I told him to put it on speaker. "Cartah, it's late! What do you want?" His mom said. Carter was literally turning red. "Well... Ummmm... Mom, I got a girl pregnant..." Carter said slowly. Everyone covered their mouth so they wouldn't burst out laughing. "CARTAH!" His mom yelled. She started to speak another language so we couldn't understand what she was saying. All I know is that she's pissed. "Mom, this was a dare. Stefanie dared me to do this. I'm sorry... I love you." Carter said. His mom stopped yelling and finally calmed down. "Gosh Cartah, you scared me. Don't do that!" She said. They both said goodbye and hung up. That's when everyone started laughing out loud. "I hate you." Carter said. "Truth or dare, Grier?" Tiffany asked. "Dare! I'm a rebel tonight!" Nash yelled. He seemed excited and I already know what Tiffany was going to dare him. She would dare him to have sex with me or make out with me. Something like that. "I dare you to have sex with... Bethany!" Tiffany yelled looking at me. What the fuck! That's when that smile disappeared off of Nash's face. "Ummm... Tiffany? I'm not ready to... You know... Do that..." Bethany said. She was shaking. "Just go! Here's a condom! Bye." Carter said, handing them the condom. Nash and Bethany went into the bathroom. That's when I realized that I didn't get the "it's gonna be fake, don't worry. I love you." sign. Was he really doing this?

-What Happened In The Bathroom-

"Ummmm... We are going to fake this, right?" Bethany said, shakily. " I mean... Do you want to?" Nash said, putting his hands in his pocket. "Well, it would be fun to... You know... With such a handsome guy." Bethany said, leaning closer, biting her bottom lip. The next thing you know, they're making out. Then, things happened and they're actually doing it. "HAMILTON!" Bethany moans out.

-Back In The Living Room-

I thought it was all fake until I heard Bethany. Bethany wouldn't know a sex sound because she's Bethany and she's innocent. That's the moment I realize it isn't fake. I start crying. "Why are you crying? You had sex with Matt." Emily said. Should I tell them? Well now, I think I should. "I promised Nash that I wouldn't actually do it. So Matt and I faked it. Now he's doing it. For real." I said. Everyone stared at me, but didn't say anything. They probably felt bad. Ten minutes later, Nash and Bethany walk out. Nash's hair was all screwed up and Bethany's hair was all over the place. He looked happy until he saw me and realized what he did. "Hamilton Nash Grier, I will never forgive you," I said. "I thought you wouldn't actually do the dare. I continued saying. I looked at him with a hurt look on my face. He came and sat down next to me, but I moved away from him. I went to sit next to Matt. The only thing to do now is make Bethany jealous. She had SEX WITH MY BOYFRIEND! She's a bitch.

Bethany Eren- A little bitch that had sex with my boyfriend. To me, she's a whore. I no longer like her and she's not as innocent as she seems. Not at all.

I leaned over and started making out with Matt. "Just go along with it." I whispered as I kissed his jawline. I looked slightly at Bethany's face and it was perfect. She was horrified. That's when I stopped. "Thank you SO much Matt." I whispered quietly. He winked. Nash's face was the same as Bethany's. Horrified. Now he should have to pay for what he's done, but I'm not that mean. "Are we going to keep playing or what?" I asked with a harsh tone. Who could blame me? I'm pissed. "Maybe we should stop..." Nash said. "Shut the fuck up. Carter, you pick someone." I said. Nash did shut up and he felt really bad too. "Truth or dare, Matt?" Carter asked with a smirk on his face. Oh boy... "Dare." Matt said with a cute little smile. Carter didn't even have to think about it. "Since you obviously like Stefanie, just kiss her. I dare you to make out with her. Kiss her like you mean it!" Carter said excitedly. Matt likes me? I started blushing because I've never realized that. He grabbed my face and pulled it to his. It was kind of awkward since Nash was right there. I put my hands on his face. "Awwwwwwww!" All the girls said. After about five minutes, we stopped. Soon, it was 1:00 AM. "I think you guys should leave now..." I said. "So I have to leave?" Nash said making a puppy-dog face. "Fine... You can stay." I said acting angry. "Can I stay?" Matt said while laughing. I laughed. I kissed him in the cheek just to piss Nash off and whispered in his ear, "Thank you for everything." Matt winked and left.

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