Is It Love?

Hi. My name is Stefanie and I'm 16 years old. A trip to an event named Magcon changed my life. You're probably thinking, "Yeah yeah.. Read a story like this before. She meets Nash Grier. Blah blah blah, they fall in love." This story is a little out of the ordinary. Read now to find out the big question. Is it love?


16. Chapter 15

Chapter 15

When we got back from Florida, I went home. My mom was there and another guy was there.


Me- Who the fuck is he?

Mom- Watch your language. And he's Greg.

Greg- Hi! You must be Stefanie.

Me- Yep, that's me.

Mom- Greg is my boyfriend.

Me- What?

Mom- Yes.

Me- I've only been gone for a week! You already got a fucking boyfriend!

Mom- Language!

Me- Oh I'm so fucking sorry bitch!

Greg- I should leave.

Mom- Oh no honey, you can stay.

I ran upstairs and slammed my door. I sat on my bed and texted Nash. I asked him if I could come over later and he said sure. He also said no one was home too. I went to take a shower and got dressed. I just watched an episode of Adventure Time because I'm a nerd when it comes to that show. After that, I opened my door and went downstairs. "Where do you think you're going?" My mother asked. I looked at her and said "Somewhere." She was about to say something else, but I ran out of the door. I got in my car and drive to Nash's house. I knocked on the door, but it seemed to be open already so I just let myself in. He had a really big house. I saw a notecard stuck to the wall. "Cold". So I have to find him. I went to the kitchen and there was another notecard. "Warmer". I think I knew where he was. His bedroom was right next to the kitchen. I walked and he was holding a notecard that said "Hot". I started laughing and so was he. I ran up and hugged him. "Where's your family?" I asked. I just wanted to know. "Well, my mom and dad are on a business trip, Hayes wanted to go to his friend's house because he rather be there than with me, and Will is just with his girlfriend. Like normal." Nash said. I kinda zoned out after a while. Nash leaned in and started kissing me while I was still zoned out. I was actually a surprise to me. I started kissing back, holding his head to mine. He pushed me on to the bed. I just noticed there was rose petals on the bed. He planned this, which is very romantic, but I'm scared about where this will end up. He took off my shirt. I started to panic. He took off his shirt and started kissing my neck. "Nash, I'm sorry, but I can't do this. You noticed we're only 16 right?" I said. He looked sad and said "I know, but I love you." Awwwww. I told him I loved him and I put my shirt back on. He did too and we both went in the kitchen. I was hungry so I just took some Cinnamon Toast Crunch and sat on the couch. I suggested we watch a movie so we decided on Titanic. I love that movie so much. After a while, I fell asleep.

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