Is It Love?

Hi. My name is Stefanie and I'm 16 years old. A trip to an event named Magcon changed my life. You're probably thinking, "Yeah yeah.. Read a story like this before. She meets Nash Grier. Blah blah blah, they fall in love." This story is a little out of the ordinary. Read now to find out the big question. Is it love?


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I was getting ready to go to Magcon! My best friends were also coming with me. I wanted to at least look nice when I go. I just put some mascara on even though I'm not a makeup person. Here are quick descriptions of my friends that are coming with me. (You might want to remember some of them. You'll see why.)

Tiffany Burren- Try's to hook up with every guy she sees. She's into tool pics. Her favorite Magcon boy is Taylor Caniff.

Emily Sterling- She's shy and doesn't really talk to new people, but once you get to know her, she's really cool. She likes music. Favorite Magcon boy is Shawn Mendes.

Melissa Leth- Likes to model and is into boys who have abs. She's also likes boys who are a little 'dirty'. Favorite Magcon boy is Carter Reynolds.

Bethany Eren- She is VERY shy and she's also innocent. She literally won't talk to someone unless they seem/look nice. Her favorite Magcon boy is Matthew Espinosa.

Brittany Meja- She is very funny and has a good sense of humor. She always wants to make someone laugh. She likes guys with a good personality. Her favorite Magcon boy is Cameron Dallas.

We were all going to meet up at Magcon. I texted my friends to tell them I was leaving now. They just texted back stuff like "Cool. Me too." And "I can't wait to go." This is going to be fun. I already know it.

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