After that Night

“I’m Not your girl anymore Derek,” I said without thinking. I felt Niall tense up when I spoke. Derek did nothing but chuckle. I heard footsteps coming towards us and my heart stopped beating. Did Derek have back-up? Is this the end of Niall and I being together? Just then Derek got hit over the head with something hard, he fell on the ground, It was Niall’s bodyguard.

“Come on!” he yelled motioning us to get out of the ally. I was about to step over Derek when he grabbed my leg, making me fall backwards.

“Niall!” I screamed. He turned around to see Derek getting on top of me.


14. What Are You Planning Mr.Horan?

   Niall pushed me out the front door. He said that he had a surprise for each of the boys, but he refused to tell me what the surprise was. He drove us to Staples.

   "I need you to get some sticky notes and wrapping paper," He told me before walking off. What are you planning Mr. Horan? I grabbed a basket  and collected the sticky notes and wrapping paper. I was looking around the store when a binder caught my eye. I turned to face the photo, It was a Niall Horan binder. I stared at it until I felt two strong arms wrap around my waist. 

   "It's weird to see a binder with a picture of yourself,"Niall said behind me. I giggled and turned around in his arms. I kissed him on the lips. We went up to the cashier and paid for the things. We drove home and went  into Louis's room first. I took the sticky notes and put them  all over his bed, leather couch, and TV. I turned around to see Niall is taking Louis's clothing out of his closet and putting them on the floor. I turned the Louis's desk chair over before wrapping it in the wrapping. We messed up all the boys' rooms. After we were done, we went downstairs into the living area and waited for the boys to come home.

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