After that Night

“I’m Not your girl anymore Derek,” I said without thinking. I felt Niall tense up when I spoke. Derek did nothing but chuckle. I heard footsteps coming towards us and my heart stopped beating. Did Derek have back-up? Is this the end of Niall and I being together? Just then Derek got hit over the head with something hard, he fell on the ground, It was Niall’s bodyguard.

“Come on!” he yelled motioning us to get out of the ally. I was about to step over Derek when he grabbed my leg, making me fall backwards.

“Niall!” I screamed. He turned around to see Derek getting on top of me.


4. I'm Nothing Like Him

    Niall's Pov:

   I looked at the scar that started at the end of her left ear and ended at her collarbone. How could he do that to someone as beautiful as her? Did she think I was going to do that to her? I reached out and traced it with my Index finger. She Stiffened at my touch.

  "I'm not going to hurt you, I'm nothing like him," I said, filling the last word with as much disgust as I could. I felt her relax and she looked me in the eye. There was a knock on the door which made us break eye contact. 

  "It's open," I said, unlocking the door from the couch. Harry walked into the room with a girl. She looked familiar.

  "Rachel!" the girl screamed. She sat on the other side of Rachel and hugged her tightly. This girl was the one who drove us here.

  "I thought you got kidnapped by some 30 year old pervert," She continued.

  "I'm fine Ally, Niall just wanted to show me his dressing room that's all," Rachel explained. I looked over at Harry who was staring at Ally. I hit him straight in the stomach and he grunted. The two girls gave us a concerned looked. Rachel got up pulling Ally up with her.

  "We have to get to our seats before the concert starts," Rachel explained to me and Harry. I gave a pleading look at Harry and he pulled out two backstage passes. He gave one to Rachel and one to Ally.

 "You guys can watch the concert from back here," Harry said he looked at me and winked. I mouthed 'Thank you' at him. Harry and I left the girls in my dressing room and went to get our mics on for the concert.

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