After that Night

“I’m Not your girl anymore Derek,” I said without thinking. I felt Niall tense up when I spoke. Derek did nothing but chuckle. I heard footsteps coming towards us and my heart stopped beating. Did Derek have back-up? Is this the end of Niall and I being together? Just then Derek got hit over the head with something hard, he fell on the ground, It was Niall’s bodyguard.

“Come on!” he yelled motioning us to get out of the ally. I was about to step over Derek when he grabbed my leg, making me fall backwards.

“Niall!” I screamed. He turned around to see Derek getting on top of me.


7. I Can Explain

   I looked over and saw a girl standing there. I didn't recognize her at first, but then it hit me. She was the Victoria Secret model that Niall was supposedly dating. Her eyes got teary and the sight of us. She ran out of the room.


  "Wait! I can explain," Niall said chasing after her. After a few minutes he came in, with red puffy eyes. I Sighed and got up and walked over to him. I tried to pull him into a hug, but he pushed right passed me. He handed me my clothes and phone.  

   "You should go," Niall said in a pained tone. I was about to open my mouth and say something, but decided not to. I left, closing the door behind me. I walked down the stairs and in the living room to see Zayn and Perrie. They were doing something on the computer. Probably, planning the wedding. They looked up at me.


 "Is everything ok?" Perrie asked me. I smiled, but I could feel the tears rolling down my cheeks. Perrie comes over to me and brought in a hug. I sobbed into her shoulder. I heard multiple footsteps on the stairs so I turned around and saw Louis, Eleanor, Liam, Danielle, and Harry. They all looked at me with worried eyes. I thanked Perrie and left.

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