After that Night

“I’m Not your girl anymore Derek,” I said without thinking. I felt Niall tense up when I spoke. Derek did nothing but chuckle. I heard footsteps coming towards us and my heart stopped beating. Did Derek have back-up? Is this the end of Niall and I being together? Just then Derek got hit over the head with something hard, he fell on the ground, It was Niall’s bodyguard.

“Come on!” he yelled motioning us to get out of the ally. I was about to step over Derek when he grabbed my leg, making me fall backwards.

“Niall!” I screamed. He turned around to see Derek getting on top of me.


1. Accidental Meeting

  I was in my room getting ready to go out with my best friend Ally. We are going to a One Direction concert, which is amazing because I love one direction. This is my first concert ever, so I couldn't wait. There was someone knocking at my apartment door. I opened the door up and saw Ally standing in One Direction leggings, T-shirt, and sneakers. The outfit was completed with a One Direction bag, earrings, and a phone case.   I couldn't help laughing at her dedication to the band. All I was wearing was a black tank top, blue jeans, and brown combat boots. My silky Brown hair fell to my shoulders and the make-up I was wearing made my blue eyes pop. Ally had blonde hair that fell past her shoulders and green eyes. I was curvy and Ally still needs to get the curves. She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the apartment.  We walked out of the apartment building and towards the Ally's black Jeep.  We drove in silence until Ally turned on the radio. I couldn't help but noticed a bus pulled over on the road. As we came closer I noticed there were five guys looking at the bus. I looked over at Ally, She was also looking at the bus. She stopped once we got close enough to the bus.  

"Do you guys Need any help?" she asked the boy walking up to the Jeep. I knew this boy from somewhere, I just can't put my finger on it.

"Your help will be really... helpful," The boy said in a thick Irish accent. He glanced at Ally then at me. He called the rest of the boys over.

"Hop In," Ally said not even glancing my way. They all piled in. 

"My name is Niall by the way," The Irish one said,

"I'm Harry," The one sitting next to Niall said.

"I'm Liam," The one with the buzz cut said.

"I'm Louis," The kid in the red pants said not even looking up from his phone.

"And I'm Zayn," The Bradford kid said, elbowing Louis in the stomach. 

"We just let One Direction get into our car," Ally said in disbelief. It was going to be a long ride. ​  

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