Split second

Charlie meets Nat following a terrorist attack in the city and starts to believe he's hiding information about the explosion. Can she uncover the truth of who he is? The story unfolds through chapters told alternately by Charlie and Nat, as they get to know each other and uncover secrets and corruption that stretch to the very highest levels of society, and which put them in increasing danger.

“WHAM! The blast knocked me off my feet. I slammed down hard on my back, onto the floor. Winded, I lay there, stunned. What was happening?“


1. what has happened

"Nat what happened"

"I I I I I'm not really sure it was all a blur"

"Oh no this is not good because this terrorist attack killed at least 10,000 people"

"Charlie di di di did you hear that"

"Hear what"

"Crunch crunch crunch "

"It sounds like foot steps"

"AHHH" shouted Charlie as she got dragged away silently" Nat turned round suddenly when she heard the scream. "Where is she "CHARLIE CHARLIE WHERE ARE YOU" but she got no reply "I wish I didn't go on this trip to London."

But then Nat heard another yelp "help"

"It sounds like Charlie" Nat ran straight away.

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