Boy adventure

A person named jack William is going on an adventure and adventure around the world.

Read more and find out where he goes.


1. Please

One day when Jack was a normal 11 year old boy but what he didn't know was that his life was going to change in the next three days. Jack was in his room playing a game on the xbox 360 his mum had got him for his birthday when he suddenly had an idea and said "I want to go on an adventure around the world" he thought it would be amazing if he would be able to do this.

The next day he got up and asked his mum "mum could I go on an adventure around the world if I bring someone with me"

"No you certainly can not just because you have just turned 11 you think you can do anything don't you now get up to your room now"

" bu, bu, bu"

" Jack I said NO "

"Ok mum"

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