Toy Soldiers

Nothing is ever easy and hardly anything is fair. Hope Kingston learns this the hard way. Now, without the one person who has always watched after her, she's alone, scared and confused.


1. Chapter One

 I woke up to find that it was still dark outside and the only light came from the street lights above. It was silent out here tonight. Which was unusual. There were no cars driving by on the streets behind or in front of the alley. I looked over and saw Damien asleep on his blanket. I grabbed my torn up jacket and put it on before walking up the alley towards the road.

 It seemed as if everyone was hiding away in their homes. Even the moon didn't shine. The silence scared me... a lot. It was NEVER this quiet. I sat on the sidewalk and imagined all the possibilities why no one was around tonight.

 The street lights lit up the park in front of me. For once, there were no rebellious kids from school hanging around with their boyfriend or girlfriend. The pavilion was empty, the swings swayed in the wind and the park benches were empty. I was about to go over and sit in the swings when I heard, "Hope?"

 I jumped and then I realized that it was Damien. "I'm up here."

 I heard him walk towards me until he reached the place were I was sitting. He sat down beside me and placed his arm around my shoulders, "Why are you up?"

 "I got cold and I didn't want to bother you." I responded innocently.

 "You should have woken me up, I would've given you my blanket." 

 "No, I don't need you to get cold." 

 "Hope, your needs are more important than mine."

I rolled my eyes, he told me that a lot. And it got old, really quick. "Are you working tomorrow?" I asked.

 "Yeah, Gage is taking all next week off too so I'll be working everyday next week. It looks like we could use the money anyway." He said and then pulled on my torn jacket.

 "Damien, I don't need a new jacket this one is just fine. Why don't you buy something for yourself for once." I said laying my head on his shoulder.

 "Hope - "

 I cut him off, "No, my jacket is fine. My clothes are fine and so are my shoes. Buy yourself something, please. Your shoes are falling apart and you don't even have a jacket."

 He didn't say anything. I was right and he knew it. Finally he nodded, "Okay. Okay next payday I'll buy myself a jacket."

 I smiled, "Thank you."

 "So were are you going to be while I'm at work?"

 "Probably Wyatt's house. Maybe Hayden's."

 "You know, you should really make some girl friends at school. All you ever talk about is Wyatt and Hayden." 

 "I'm open to than Bubba... It's the other girls that don't want to talk to me. They think I'm weird and awkward looking." Secretly I agreed with the other girls, I wasn't very pretty. I was pretty plain and I was a lot different than them in a lot of ways.

 "Well, they're missing out because you're amazing and beautiful." He said wrapping his arm around me as we stood up.

 "Or maybe you're just biased. That could always be a possibility."

 "Naw, I don't think so." He looked down at me and we both laughed.

 When we reached our blankets I curled up closely to him as he sang a song to me. As I layed there I began to think about how things used to be before Mom and Dad died. We never had to worry about food or how cold it was going to be that night. Now they were gone and all I had was Damien. I could feel his breathing and heart beat slowing down and finally as he fell asleep, so did I.


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