Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (FUNNY)

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  • Published: 28 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 28 Mar 2014
  • Status: Complete
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a humour about a boy who was kidnapped by Mickey Mouse, Enjoy!


1. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


I’ve always hated Mickey Mouse and his clubhouse, and I knew it would come around to haunt me. My name is Brock, Spock Brock, but you can call me Henry. I was only 5 when it happened....(ripple ripple ripple ripple)


    Me and my best friend, who was also named Spock Brock (it was pronounced Muriel), loved to go on adventures from the couch to the kitchen. Sometimes we would even migrate from our bedrooms to the great room all on our own!!! We only made one mistake on our adventures, oh, it was a silly mistake. We emailed Indiana Jones challenging him to see who could do a more legit adventure. He didn’t respond for 20 whole minutes, so we sent him a death threat. We then sent a hit-man to whoop his butt, and boy was that hit-man awesome at spanking Indiana. Indiana Jones got mad and sent a hit-man of his own, his name was Mouse, Mickey Mouse (it was pronounced Toby). Mickey kidnapped me, put me in a black bag (the black bag was made out of broken glass so it was pretty easy to see where we were going. He also gave me a submachine gun for some reason) He put me in a white van, and took me to his clubhouse (lol more like rape house). Once he took the black bag off of my head I shot him with the submachine gun and got into the white van and drove off into the sunset.




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