Eyeless is a horror story told in first person about a man who turns into a bloody eyeless monster. only 2 Chapters done.


1. Prolouge

“Calm down, Mr. Reys! We need some kind of description of him, please, relax, it will be ok!” 

    “Ok. Ok... I honestly don’t know what he looked like though. He was wearing a black hoodie, no brand, he had a blue hockey mask, but I don’t think he had any eyes...it was just pure black, with black tear stains on his mask...” I trembled with tears in my eyes. The policeman stared at me, he looked very troubled. “Come back here tomorrow morning, or anytime you can calm down- I have something you might want to see” he said, in a soothing voice. Right then, I finally broke down. I fell on my knees, weeping. 

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