Eyeless is a horror story told in first person about a man who turns into a bloody eyeless monster. only 2 Chapters done.


2. 3 Days Ago

The alarm buzzed, I hit snooze, but it kept buzzing. With more force, I smacked the snooze 4 more times. It kept buzzing. I forced myself out of bed, and stood up wearily. I hopped in the shower, brushed, nothing out of the usual. But when I opened the door connecting the bathroom to my room, there was a large ink-looking stain on the wall. I examined it; and came to the conclusion it was a watery black ink. Standing up, I noticed the window was open. I was confused, I decided to come back to it later. I grabbed my wallet and backpack, to head over to Starbucks. I live in a large apartment building in downtown Seattle, and I lived on the 2nd floor. I opened the door, feeling the blast of cool air. I began to walk down the stairs to get to the parking lot, and I noticed more black ink on the walls of the stairs. It looked like someone had put their hand in a bucket of black paint and ran there hands along the wall. I suspected it had just been some teenage artist, and I wondered if he had broken into my apartment. I was now in the underground parking lot, walking over to my silver Prius. I opened the trunk, took my backpack off to throw in the trunk, and I saw a faint black ink stain on my backpack. What in the world..., I thought. Maybe it had been leaking from the roof when I walked down here. But looking more closely, I saw it was in the shape of a handprint. Trying to be ignorant of this, I tossed my backpack in the car and got on the road.


    I grabbed my usual cup of coffee, sat down, and read the newspaper. I browsed through it, I never really liked the articles, I was simply attracted to the pictures. While flipping through the pages I saw an ad that caught my attention. It read “Got A Question? We Can Answer It! Head Over To The Seattle Library Today!”. Because I had nothing planned today, and I was curious about this ink, I decided to drive over to the library; it was quite close. The outside of the library had recently been redone; so it looked quite nice. The door creaked open, and looking around, I noticed no one was around. I looked through the sections, first checking “Common Household Problems”, then “Ceilings”, and right before I left, I had the weird feeling that I should check the section in the back- “Urban Legends”. Oh, I shouldn’t have looked there and I knew it. As soon as I stepped into the isle, the lights started flashing. I felt queasy. There was all but 8 books in the section, 3 of which were misplaced from other sections. I found a book called “Myths & Monsters”. Why did I open that book, dang it. I cracked open the book and went straight to the table of contents. There were hundreds of reported “monsters” in the book, and I read about all of them. As I turned a page, one of them was completely covered in black ink. What the hell..., I thought. Turning the page again, I saw the scariest thing I had ever seen. The name of it was “Eyeless”, and it had empty eye sockets, filled with ink. My stomach did a barrel roll just looking at it. I was going to throw up. I read the bio; everything was unknown, except for the fact that it has drowned people in ink. Trembling, I went on to the next page, to read about it. It was covered in ink. I turned the page twice more- covered in ink. One more time I dreaded on to the next page. It wasn’t covered in the foul black goop this time; it was worse. In large letters it spelled:




I fell to the ground, unconscious. 


    Who knows how long I was out cold. Some time later, I opened my eyes. I tried standing but my body simply wouldn’t allow me to. I rubbed my eyes and then I saw it. The whole library was covered in the black gunk. Demon-like figures were roaming about the library, setting the ink to fire. There were innocent humans lying all over the fiery ink-stained carpet. Their eyes were ripped out of their heads and hanging by a string and the human’s jaws were broken open, drowned in the black substance, being set to fire by demon-looking figures. I looked at my own body, and I noticed I was coated in the ink. The ink started oozing out of my mouth, I felt my jaw slowly stressing itself out of it’s socket uncontrollably. My heart was racing. Am I going insane? I must be going insane. Oh just end it. I thought, I can’t take it anymore- kill me NOW! 


    I jumped awake. I was sitting in the library, sitting in a plush squeaky chair. The library was completely empty, and it looked as if it were closed. But it was the middle of the day, not even raining- as common as raining was in Seattle. The lights were out, and heavy curtains were covering the windows. What the hell is going on. I flipped my phone open, which had hardly any battery left, and noticed it had been 2 days since I came in here. It was Friday when I came in here, and now it was Sunday afternoon. No wonder no one is in here, the library was closed on God’s day. I rushed to the front door; it was locked, with no keys in sight. Taking a deep breath, I decided I would just wait until someone came. I felt nauseous and sprinted to the bathroom. I was about to puke. Kicking the door open, I ran to the toilet. I puked, and I was horrified at what happened. I threw up that atrocious dark black ink. I was gagging the ink for at least 2 minutes. Feeling completely worn out after letting all of that ink out of me. I examined it. After 10 minutes of staring at the gunk, I noticed something vital. That wasn’t ink...that’s pitch-black blood. I stood up and strolled over to the sink to wash my face. I looked into the mirror. I SCREAMED IN SHEER HORROR. There it was, the beast of the black blood. His cold hands grabbed my mouth and I fell to the ground. The floor turned into black blood and I noticed he was going to baptize me in it. As if my heart hadn’t already been through enough today, it was beating out of my chest and racing like never before. Please, Lord, let this be a hallucination. 


    I prayed for the first time in my life. I slowly submerged in the dark blood, while drowning my corps at the same time. Once again my jaw was pushing out of it’s socket, I just wanted this to end. I was almost completely immersed in the liquid now, and my body couldn’t hold much more liquid. I just stared up to him. I looked into the beast’s empty eye sockets and periodically after that I came to the realization that my eyes were being sucked into my head. I was now under the black blood. Seconds later I arose, coated in the blood. My eyes were missing and I had a mask covering my hideous face. I felt weird and I noticed I could pour the blackness out of my hands. I was one of them now, and I knew it. Must I haunt human’s lives for eternity?


The beast that shed no flesh looked into my eyes, and looked disturbed. You might think I’m insane but I knew that somehow, and who knows how, we could communicate with each other, I suspected it was through brain waves of some sort. But as the beast looked into my empty eye sockets, I knew that he noticed something was wrong with me. I was different. I didn’t know how me and this eyeless creature could have any difference at all. Physically, we looked identical...physically. Then I had a mental lightbulb, when that lightbulb poofed into my head, I was sure I’m out of my mind. That’s the thing though, if I’m a monster, I shouldn’t have a mind, nor heart, nor soul. But I did. Yes, somehow I had a soul and heart and mind, I felt it. Even though I was baptized in the dark blood and physically transformed, I didn’t feel much different than before. Since I’m a monster, I should have no soul, I should be a cold-blooded killer, I should feel the pride in bringing horror to people’s lives, but I felt nothing. I kept this to myself, but somehow the eyeless knew, had I accidentally communicated something with it? Either way, he noticed I wasn’t the same, and I knew he was going to do something about it. Before I could react he started blowing the blood out of his hand, and I did the same, to defend myself from him, making a shield with my blackness. After holding the shield for a minute, I examined something crazy. I was right beforehand, with my ink theory. That blood in the toilet wasn’t from the monster, that was me. This monster bore ink from his body, as I drew blood. Then I was sure I was different, and I was sure that if I was different, I could escape this hell. 

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