Fighting For It

This is just gonna be where I post all of the poems that I write on here. I also put them on my dA (Cenitopius.Deviantart.Com) and my Facebook for those of you who already have it.
This series would probably have been called 'A Little Bit of Poetry' if it weren't for the fat that Fighting For It (101) was so descriptive of the whole series in it's name that I had to use it here as well.


15. Special, Agreement, Rules,

In my head, it's a magical word,

Little silver sparks, Expensive little nouns all around,   That's not important, Because that's my view, instead; It's yours, I'm interested in.   Still, fixation isn't so important that it should get in our way, We shouldn't bind ourselves to rules that waste our time, Grind to a halt in search for the thing that follows the rules, When we don't really want to follow the rules all that much. I want to know a few things though: If you weren't so held down by your own rules, Would you just love me already? I mean, I've never said anything about it directly, But I've said that you're nice. I've called you cute and pretty, all through The few years that you've known me, and I've known you-
I can't hold back with this anymore. I don't want to hold myself down when all I want is you. You're right there, within reach, and as I sit here with your arms around me, and my arms around you, I want to whisper, 'It's true,' because I'm still struggling to tell you that you're really worth my time.   I can't hold back with this anymore. I don't want to hold myself down when all I want is to shout. You say it every day, 'If I killed myself then I wouldn't,' and I refrain from reaching for your hand, to make you stronger, to make you know that you're not resented by the whole world. But it seems.   I want to whisper to you, 'It's true,' so you know in seconds that with our closeness and with you in my arms I love you. But I want to hold your hand so I can show you how Strong you are, and show you that you're not resented by the whole world, because I'm here. But there's rules.   I hate them. They build a wall around us so we can never leave each others' side, But they build a glass wall between us so we can see, but never really be, With each other. And it pains me.   So I fight it, and every day I fight it, and every day I fight it it get's stronger. Every time I fight this thing, these rules, I just get hurt when it's face hurts my fist. Because it's not my aim that's wrong, or my strength or courage, or anything. It's just stronger than I am. And it's stronger than you are. But if we're together, it doesn't stand a chance.       Do you, Leslie, promise to never say 'If I killed myself' again? And do you, Jesse, Promise never to stop fighting valiantly when needed? Do you, Leslie, truly love in this man? Do you, Jesse, truly love in this woman?   And I pause, to think of everything we've been through. It's not much, really, is it? But it feels like a war. And I pause, to think of the question, if it's true. And I just can't answer to myself. Do I truly love this woman?
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