Fighting For It

This is just gonna be where I post all of the poems that I write on here. I also put them on my dA (Cenitopius.Deviantart.Com) and my Facebook for those of you who already have it.
This series would probably have been called 'A Little Bit of Poetry' if it weren't for the fat that Fighting For It (101) was so descriptive of the whole series in it's name that I had to use it here as well.


12. Meant To Be (Please)

Force it on,

Or let it free, There's something here, For you and me, And if you reach, Along you'll see, You'll feel better, when you're with me.   Force it off, Or leave it be, There's somewhere here, beside of me, It'll always stay, Where you should be, I hope you know, Just hope you see.   There'll always be, Someone better, There'll always be, Me here forever, When you want to stop Your game of chase, Come back to me, I'm someone better.   So you can tell me you like other people, You can talk to me like I'm your friend, But I'll never lose hope, And with your hand I'll cope, With it all, just for you to smile.

So you can maybe one day say you love me, So that it might one day become true, So I'll walk next to you, With you next to me too, And together, we'll be able to smile.
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