Fighting For It

This is just gonna be where I post all of the poems that I write on here. I also put them on my dA (Cenitopius.Deviantart.Com) and my Facebook for those of you who already have it.
This series would probably have been called 'A Little Bit of Poetry' if it weren't for the fat that Fighting For It (101) was so descriptive of the whole series in it's name that I had to use it here as well.


24. Grey

I don't know what it is today,
But every time I think, it hits,
With every fear I've had to slay,
I've gone and lost my wits.

There's something in the air today,
I don't know what to breath;
I hate the way the world is working,
How failures seem to weave.

There's something 'bout the clouds today,
They're a different shade of Grey,
It's not seen by the human eye,
It's no normal light ray.

There's something with the world today,
And I don't want to think,
But the ocean on the kitchen floor
Made me throw up in the sink.

I'm hating the whole world today,
And Hell is tickled pink,
And every factor does it's best
To push me to the brink.

I'm ready to give up today,
To turn in on the fight.
Not dance or sing, but lie and sting,
And fade into the night.

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