Fighting For It

This is just gonna be where I post all of the poems that I write on here. I also put them on my dA (Cenitopius.Deviantart.Com) and my Facebook for those of you who already have it.
This series would probably have been called 'A Little Bit of Poetry' if it weren't for the fat that Fighting For It (101) was so descriptive of the whole series in it's name that I had to use it here as well.


19. Good Friends Gone Bad

Tell me Mrs. Faust, where's the magic in this,
I spend time with new friends and then I'm fucking dismissed,
We knew each other for so long, how many years?
I just wish it didn't all have to end in tears.

I'm not some superhero, I can't part the sea,
But Moses best wish he was more loyal than me.
I hate the isolation but it's the only way through,
I just wish I had realer friends than I noticed I do.

Not everyone makes a good friend, and most of those who might
Talk to some tongue-lolling chav and can't talk without a fight.

I'm here;
I've always said that anybody,
kind enough to stay and help me,
Deserves a friend to love,
Buy they've changed;
I can't stand it now I've lost all the people I spent time with and I'll never get them back - I feel a criminal but I don't know my crime.
I'm here, they changed, I'm near, they cringe, I talk they whisper, I walk while they slither like the snakes they are,
I hiss at them for they don't deserve my time,
I made no crime,
It was them, they're the criminal grime,
that I can't scrape from the bottom of my shoe,
I'm telling you,
their hearts are just too cold.

It's too late, I can't win them back,
but they attack, I can't fight back,
they have a sword I have a tack,
There are three of them, those are facts,
And then that's just on part of the source of all this stress,
And all the tears that have come out of this mess, god bless,
I can't hold it anymore,
Should I tell them how I feel; how I've gone and built this wall?
I would climb it by myself but I'm scared; its very tall,
and really in the place I'm in I think I'll die now if I fall,
It's my call; It's too tall, I might fall off the wall,
and I'll never damn survive,
but I don't know what to do when everybody gives this vibe!

I need more,
Out with the old, then in with the new,
That goes for many things, but does friendship work too?
I'll tell the problems to you:

We've got no honesty,
A lack of loyalty,
we don't share laughter, generosity,
Kindness too, I show, I do, but like all else they slap it down and make me a varelse.

Unknown, I don't get what they do,
but It's gotta be new,
It's not just one but another few too,
they push me out, block away the outside world,
now they're the ones inside this wall, and they say that they're the pearl,
Saying they locked us out, but did they?
Locked them selves in!
Built a prison, filled it with trash, now it's a bin,
They stay within, I can't begin to express this obnoxious stupidity.

That's my story, okay?
Yeah, go, laugh away, a ginger with no friends,
sure, you'd kill me any day?
I'm hated anyway,
Shoo, go away,
Can't keep your mouth shut? You're not wanted here today,
It's my world, by my view,
And nothing you can try is new,
Take the world away from me?
You wouldn't try if you knew,
How much pain and misery I've recently been through;
But you don't,
and you won't,
for I'm the holder of the key,
And you don't want it,
just to take it from me,
But as I'm feeling bad,
And you're all driving me mad,
I'll soon lose the key and it'll just make me feel sad,
has beating on my smile just become the newest fad?

This is the key, don't you see?
My happiness and me,
I can live a better life if I leave my history,
I'll be away from all of you,
the gum comes off the shoe,
And you'll be number two,
Beaten by a few who

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