Fighting For It

This is just gonna be where I post all of the poems that I write on here. I also put them on my dA (Cenitopius.Deviantart.Com) and my Facebook for those of you who already have it.
This series would probably have been called 'A Little Bit of Poetry' if it weren't for the fat that Fighting For It (101) was so descriptive of the whole series in it's name that I had to use it here as well.


43. Burden Me

I stand alone,
Doors made of light surround me,
The chances to leave all around me,
But I can't see anything there.
It's air.
You insist that behind Door Number Three,
There's a world that's better for you or me,
But I've wondered and figured
And there's nothing there.
It's air.
The opportunities are all around me,
But the door you see and I see are apart by a sea,
Because you're looking from where you're stood through,
Door Number Two, you can see behind me,
The places I've come from.

I'm not going to turn around,
No matter, no matter,
The great, gold life you see is dull to me,
Because you're stood through Door Number Two,
And right there behind you,
Is a diamond life.

With it's precise cuts and angles,
The diamond is beautiful,
And the larger it is,
The lower the fall needs to be
To break it.
We're pretty damned small.

A question: I don't ever recall
Telling you that I wish I wasn't here.
I don't ever recall
Telling you that I prefer gold to diamond,
So why won't you lend me an ear,
Because I want you to hear me when I say this isn't new;
There's nothing more beautiful on Earth
Than the chance of us,
But it's closely followed by you.

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