Forever and Always

What's it like dating a youtuber? What about a Viner? How about a member of O2L or Nash Grier? We'll let Mia and Stefanie tell you.
By Mia and Stefanie.


3. 3

Chapter 3

~Stefanie's Pov~

I wanted to go on another date with Nash. I want to figure him out because he seems a bit.. Odd. He picked me up from my house.


N- Where do you want to go.

S- The movies maybe.

N- What movie?

S- How about Divergent.

N- Oh yeah, I read that bo- I mean, never heard of it.

S- Sure.

(Note To Self: Read Divergent. Sign of a sensitive guy)

N- Then let's go.

S- Okay.

-At Movie Theater-

Nash bought popcorn for both of us. When the movie started, he put his arm around me. Another sign of sensitive/sweet.

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