Forever and Always

What's it like dating a youtuber? What about a Viner? How about a member of O2L or Nash Grier? We'll let Mia and Stefanie tell you.
By Mia and Stefanie.


25. 25

Chapter 25

Mia's pov

I thought it would be just me and Stefanie... Oh well. I bought some new vans and a t-shirt. JC should be coming soon. He may bring Ricky! We decided to meet at the food court. Nash, Stefanie, and I ordered subway and about 5 minutes later, there where hands over my eyes.

M- JC?

J- yep!

His hands disappeared and I turned around and kissed him.

Stefanie was staring at him.

She can't have him. She has my brother. My TWIN brother. I hinted Nash and he noticed. Oh boy.

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