Forever and Always

What's it like dating a youtuber? What about a Viner? How about a member of O2L or Nash Grier? We'll let Mia and Stefanie tell you.
By Mia and Stefanie.


21. 21

Chapter 21

Mia's pov

She asked for it!

I didn't want to be a b**ch.

anyway. Of course I'm always around! It's my house too! Stefanie always complains that I'm no giving then privacy! Lock tha door!

After the charger incident, I went to my HUGE room to practice gymnastics. I had a competition next Friday. My phone was charging and I had my camera set up for a collab.

Lisa will be here to do a blindfolded makeup challenge. Even though she's almost 10 years older than me. When Lisa walked in Stefanie freaked out.

S- I'm a huge fan!

L- how sweet!

M- hi Lisa! Stefanie this is Lisa!

S- you are so cool Mia!

M- haha! You are too!

L- I brought my makeup!

S- can I watch?

M- yeah.

We filmed part 1 on my channel and part 2 on Lisa's. Then I did my homework. Which was SUPER easy! Nash was always needing help with math class.

So I guess Stefanie changed?

I don't know. I went back to Nash's room to return the charger. I saw then making out.

M- haha! I knew it!


M- I came to return the charger.

N- thanks!

M- bye!

I winked and left.

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