Forever and Always

What's it like dating a youtuber? What about a Viner? How about a member of O2L or Nash Grier? We'll let Mia and Stefanie tell you.
By Mia and Stefanie.


16. 16

Chapter 16

~Stefanie's Pov~

This was freaky. Nash lied to me the whole time. I didn't talk to him at lunch. When school was over, I ran to my car and left before saying bye to Nash. I didn't really want to speak with him at the moment. All of this has to process. I just realized that the only reason people sat at my table at school is because Nash and Mia were there. I'm not popular. Obviously, people don't want to hang out with me. They want to hang out with Mia and Nash instead. People are using me. That's nice. I got home and went to my bathroom. I can't deal with this anymore. My best friend lied to me. My boyfriend lied to me. Ashley won't leave me alone. I grabbed a blade and cut. Then I suddenly realized what I was doing. Shit! Depression took control. I tried to wash it but I made the cut worse. I just put a band-aid on it. Maybe that will help. No it didn't. The cut was bleeding a lot. I called 911.

-At Hospital-

"Hi Stefanie! What were you thinking? To help your problems, we decided to put you in this program to help the suicidal kids like you. You have to do it." The doctor said. They let me leave the hospital. I have to go to this stupid program. I'm not even suicidal. Whatever. I drove there. When I got there, there was a circle of depressed looking teens and a man. "Hello! You just be Stefanie. Come sit. We are talking about our problems." The man said. Great. This girl told a story about how she got cyber bullied and she just wanted to end her life. That's actually really sad. She said that people started calling her names and rumors spread all over her school. I felt really bad for her. Another girl said she just became emo/goth. That got me thinking. Maybe I should become emo/goth. After doing that program, I went shopping. I bought eyeliner, mascara, black net tights, black skirts, and black shirts. I wanted to try something new. I wonder what people will think of me now. That good girl is gone.

-Next Day At School-

I walk in. Everyone stares at me. I heard guys say "Damn. She's hot." I was dressed like one of those emo kids. Everyone started crowding around me. They actually wanted to talk to me. Not because Nash and Mia were here. It feels good to be noticed.

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