Forever and Always

What's it like dating a youtuber? What about a Viner? How about a member of O2L or Nash Grier? We'll let Mia and Stefanie tell you.
By Mia and Stefanie.


10. 10

Chapter 10

~Stefanie's Pov~

This weekend has been great. I even got a boyfriend, but now I have to go back to life. You would think someone who is Vine famous and dating someone Vine famous would make you popular at school. It doesn't. It makes you an attention whore. The cheerleader at my high school are popular though. I'm more like the person in the corner of the room. Maybe reading. Nash doesn't go to my school though. He told me that he would try and transfer over to my school though. Mia is really popular, but she doesn't want to ruin her popularity by hanging out with me. Which I understand. Every time the cheerleaders pass me, they always say "There goes the attention whore! Loser! Your Vines aren't even funny. And who cares if you date Nash Grier! Why does he even like you?" I don't let it bother me though. Mia's in that crowd and I know she feels bad for me. She just can't do anything to stop it. I go with my friends to hang out. If only those cheerleaders didn't exist.

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