Not so normal meeting

Cera Green just got dumped by her boyfriend Justin Bieber and was heartbroken. Two months later he's moved on and she hasn't. So what does management do? They get her a boyfriend part of a famous British band. But what happens when Justin comes back with more than an apology and more than one person starts liking her. But everything changes when Cera and her boyfriend actually start dating


5. Stalker much

Chappie four
I finally texted back at like nine and he immediately replied. 
  What do you think the answer is


  Yes! Are you freaking serious? You think I'd say yes! After what you did 

  I was so dumb

  You weren't dumb

  You really think so

  You ARE dumb, very dumb

  Look Cera I'm so sorry please forgive me. You know I love you and only you. Please just let's meet up somewhere I need to see you. Cera I love you. 

  No you don't. Justin if you loved me, you wouldn't have cheated.


  What! What do you want! Are you trying to ruin my life. First you cheat on me with my best friend well ex bet friend and you screw up my head then you try to come back in to my life when I was finally starting to move on. Justin I loved you. But now, I just don't even know who you are. Besides I've moved on. I have a boyfriend. The feeling is not mutual. 

It hurt so much to say that. 

  Cera you don't understand I need you in my life. You can't freaking move on. Who is the bastard? I'll beat the shit out of him. You have no idea, Cera I can love you so much more than he can. And you know that! 

  I would've believed you two months ago. 

  Why don't you trust me baby?

  Why do you think?

  Gosh Cera why do you have to make things so fucking complicated all the time!

  Sorry for that. But if it matters that much to you than why are you chasing after me? 

  Cera please let me explain

  Justin, just please don't text me anymore. Don't call, kik, FaceTime, or come near me or I WILL get authorities involved. If you truly love me then let me go. Goodbye Justin. 

  Cera don't ruin what we have

  We have nothing. Have a great life Justin. Enjoy holding this guilt inside you for the rest of your life. Burn in hell.

Then I blocked his number before he could reply.

Then I just cried my eyes out.
Officially I just lost the love of my life.
I let him go. I mean it is what's best for me.

*MOM MOM MOM MOM MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY LOIS LOIS LOIS LOIS* my phone rang (ringtone from family guy)

It was Harry trying to FaceTime me. Just seeing his name brought a smile to my face. I answered forgetting to clean my tears. I still softly cried.

"Cera hi- What's wrong? Who's ass do I have to beat?" He asked 

"No ones," I said while wiping my tear. I softly giggled.
He smiled at my reaction.
"But Cera, you can trust me. What's wrong?" 
"It's just Justin. He's trying to get back together I know you probably think I'm over reacting but I think I kind of deep down inside still have a teensy weensy bit of feelings for him." I sniffled.
Harry tensed up and his smile dropped after what I said. 
"But I told him to back off and I blocked his number." I then said confidently while smiling.
"That's my girl." Harry said.
"Thanks Horry." I said.
"Are you attempting a British accent?" He asked. 
I nodded.
"Don't." He said. I started hysterically laughing. Weirdo. 
"Let me go get the boys." He said.
"OK!!!" I screamed.
So I waited 
and waited 
And waited
And waited 
And waited 
And waited 
And breathed 
And waited 
And waited 
And blinked
Then Harry and four other boys came onto the screen.
One certain blonde boy caught my eye.
"Niall?" I said.
"You remember me?!" He said excitedly.
"Yeah, how could I forget the guy who broke my toe!" I joked.
"Ha!" He said,"yeah sorry about that I was just excited to meet you."
"It's okay!" I said.
"Well," Harry said, "This is Liam, Louis, ZAYN, Niall, and Harry aka me aka your handsome boyfriend." 
"You're so strange!" I laughed.
We all talked and laughed for the rest of the night and they all cheered me up until I heard a thud in my living room. And then I heard some glass shatter. The boys heard it too. I locked my bedroom door and asked Harry if he could come over to see what was going on. As he headed over. Niall was talking to me and he's actually really sweet and not as crazy and creepy as I thought. He's a cutie. 
I jumped and Niall noticed I crouched down in the corner of my closet and Niall told me that Harry was almost here. I was so relieved.
I crouched down to become as small as I could get.
It wasn't a normal knock it was a bang. But to my bedroom door. I knew it wasn't Harry so I didn't open up. Until I heard my actual door open. I heard a few grunts and punches and the I heard Harry yell, "Cera! Are you ok?" 
I opened up my door and gave him a hug. I saw Justin on the floor. 

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