Not so normal meeting

Cera Green just got dumped by her boyfriend Justin Bieber and was heartbroken. Two months later he's moved on and she hasn't. So what does management do? They get her a boyfriend part of a famous British band. But what happens when Justin comes back with more than an apology and more than one person starts liking her. But everything changes when Cera and her boyfriend actually start dating


6. Realization

Chappie five
How could he do this! He snuck into my house. It sickens me to think about what he planned to do. I cried at the sight of him. I just kept hugging Harry until I realized that his nose was bleeding and there was a bruise forming around his nose. Poor Harry.
"Let me get you some ice." I said.
"Thank you love." He said.
"Thank you so much for coming Harry. I can not thank you enough." I said.
"Your safety is thanks enough." He said.
What a gentleman! 
I gave him another hug and made him some tea. Justin got up and Harry knocked him out again. We called the cops and they took Justin away. 
I just smiled at Harry but thought about how much it was my fault that Justin did that to Harry's pretty face.
Did I just say that!
What's going on with me!
Well this has been an eventful day. But I feel so horrid. I looked at Harry and frowned at what I caused.
"I'm so sorry." I said while tearing up.
"Don't be love." He said while embracing me. I smiled at him and then he said.
"You should stay with us tonight." 
I was beyond fine with that. I am so scared of what Justin can do. I could tell he buffed up after we broke up. But not like just gaining a little muscle. He bulked up. He got very strong. But still gosh I just I can't believe he almost got away with it.
Oh my god.
Was he trying to possibly rape me?
NO! He wouldn't right?
"You ready?" Harry asked.
"Yeah lemme get my clothes." I said.
I brought a duffel bag with my electronics clothes pads (in case of emergency) chargers soft Pajamas toiletries and stuff like that.
We left the house and got into the car. The driver took us to the hotel that was 5 minutes away.
I finally ran inside and dosed off on the couch. 
Mmmmmm so comfy.
I woke up in the morning and realized something.
I didn't lock my doors.

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