Not so normal meeting

Cera Green just got dumped by her boyfriend Justin Bieber and was heartbroken. Two months later he's moved on and she hasn't. So what does management do? They get her a boyfriend part of a famous British band. But what happens when Justin comes back with more than an apology and more than one person starts liking her. But everything changes when Cera and her boyfriend actually start dating


1. Prologue

No one's pov
"Justin! How could you do this! I left for a week! A WEEK! And I come home to you and this girl having sex in my bed! Who is she anyways!"
Justin looked down at the girl beneath the sheets then looked up at Cera again.
"You don't want to know." He said ashamed. 
Cera looked down at the girl and she saw black hair. Cera looked up at Justin and could barely choke out her words.
"It's Selena, isn't it." 
Justin looked at her and nodded.
Her best friend of twelve years just had sex with her boyfriend. She told herself she wouldn't cry and she didn't 
All Cera did was pick up her luggage that she had dropped earlier and grabbed it. 
"Justin," she started while smiling, "I hope you're happy with her. Very happy." She finished with a mischievous smirk.
But hidden behind all that strength and confidence was a scared little girl. A little 19 year old who had just gotten her heart broken and had no place to stay, how sad...


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