Not so normal meeting

Cera Green just got dumped by her boyfriend Justin Bieber and was heartbroken. Two months later he's moved on and she hasn't. So what does management do? They get her a boyfriend part of a famous British band. But what happens when Justin comes back with more than an apology and more than one person starts liking her. But everything changes when Cera and her boyfriend actually start dating


4. My dream girl

Chappie four
Harry's pov
"BOYS I'M BACK!" I yelled.
Niall ran to me asked about the "mystery girl."
"She's actually really nice." I said.
Niall then dropped his phone and his screen saver was a picture of Cera on the runway.
"So what's her name? What does she look like?" Niall asked.
I picked up his phone and showed him his screensaver and said, "Here is my girlfriend." 
"Unfucking fair!" Niall screamed. 
"BOYS!" Niall angrily screamed.
"Guess who Harry's girl friend is!" Niall said.
"Who?" Liam asked.
"Cera fucking Green. My freaking dream girl is his girlfriend!" Niall said.
"Good job man!" Louis said.
While Liam and Zayn stood there in shock.
"No way!" Liam screamed.
"You know how many jealous guys there will be Harry!" Zayn said after he pulled himself together.
"Yeah," Louis said, "They'll get madder than Niall."
"Well, I guess I am one lucky dude," I laughed, "But guys she is much more than fucking gorgeous! She is so sweet and smart and she is just so amazing!" 
"Aww, out little Harry is in love." Louis said.
"I am not!" I said, "yet..." I mumbled.
"I heard that!" Liam said.
I just laughed, but what I said is true.
No I don't love her but she is much more than just a pretty face. She is so cute and cheeky. She is fun. She is everything.
My oh my I am falling, and I am falling hard.

Cera's pov
He was so sweet! Fabio did well choosing him to be my new "boyfriend" I really like him and I hope he likes me back.
Gosh, forget Justin!
*DING* speaking if the devil.
I got a text from Justin that said 
"Let's meet up xx" 
He's funny. I should text back but not now, I'll do it later.
I'm too happy!
He can't ruin my mood.
But one thing that I can't stop thinking about is why he'd want to meet up.


Sorry for the bad language!

Hope you're enjoying the story! 

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