Not so normal meeting

Cera Green just got dumped by her boyfriend Justin Bieber and was heartbroken. Two months later he's moved on and she hasn't. So what does management do? They get her a boyfriend part of a famous British band. But what happens when Justin comes back with more than an apology and more than one person starts liking her. But everything changes when Cera and her boyfriend actually start dating


7. Just enjoying the moment

Cera's pov

"Harry." I called, "Harry!"

He didn't answer, so I just waited. I needed him to take me back to my house. Oh my fish. Something could have happened.

Harry came rushing down the stairs and asked me what was wrong. I told him and he ran to the car. We both got in.

"Harry," I started, "thank you so much.  For everything you've done."

"No problem Cer Bear. I would have no problem doing the

 all over again." He said.

I just smiled at him and he put his hand on my knee. I laughed at his cheekiness.

"Right around the block," I said still laughing from his rendition of "Birthday" by Katy Perry. 

"We're here." I said nervously. 

We got out and I motioned him to stop, so I could walk in. 

As I took my first step I gasped at the sight if my former clean flat. All my pictures and valuable things, gone. Oh my god. No.

I ran to my bedroom to see if my last photo with my grandmother was still there. 

I let out a small squeal. 

She was like a mother figure for me. My mother went to jail for false accusation (she did nothing wrong) for ten years and my dad lived in Florida. So I lived with my grandmother so I could still be close to my mother.

She treated me as her own child. It was gone. My last memory of her.

Before I knew it I was on the floor bawling and I wasn't alone. Two string arms were wrapped around me and we were in complete comfortable silence except for the occasional sob let out from myself.

Right then and there this is where I wanted to be.

where I felt most comfortable.

With Harry.

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