The Vampire Protector

Lyola Carmen has a secret. Ever since she was chosen to become a Vampire Protector, she has been looking for her vampire. 6 years later... she found him. Can Lyola protect Jay from the Kratchers and keep her secret from mortals?


2. Prologue

I knew my vampire before I even met him, I had been studying his life since I had turned 9. Vampire protectors mature quicker than humans and have photograpic memories, this means we can locate our vampire's before anything bad happens. 

His name was Jay Mourane, he has black hair and green eyes. He played for the school rugby and football team, he was average height for his age and to make matters worse he didn't know he was a vampire. 

I knew his smell and could sense his presence from a mile away, if I used my vampire eyesight I could see him on the sofa in his rather large house. 

"Lyola!" my teacher called from downstairs, he wasn't a typical teacher you might find at school, he was a teacher who taught vampire protectors how to protect vampires and find Kratchers lurking among the crowds waiting to kill. 

"Yes Daniel?" I called back, poking my head into the living room to see what he was doing. 

"You need a lesson in blending in with the crowds at school, I don't want to freaking out at the first spot of blood in a science lesson." he explained and pushed forward a bag and a mobile phone, "Don't get your photo taken, (we don't appear in photos or mirrors.) on the first week you are to text me at every break you get and when you get to or leave school. Once you find your vampire call me. It's not usual to find your vampire on the first day so don't fret if you can't find him. It makes it worse that he doesn't know he is a vampire. Foolish parents wanted to keep him safe... Always kills them." he explained and I picked up the bag and mobile. 

"Anything else?" I asked handing him the homework I had finished before he called me, he looked at it and set it aside. 

"Don't do anything stupid." he added and I left feeling very unprepared for Monday. This was my first day at any school, to have lower risk levels I was taught at home by Daniel. 

Wondering where my parents are? Well I was born in the victorian time. Guess.


The school was fairly big, I stood by an oak tree on the field. The first two lessons had been boring and I didn't even need to learn anything, I was taught this stuff ages ago and all I was sent here for was to find Jay. 

"Hows your first day?" A voice asked, it was Samantha Jenkins. I sat next to her in geography. "It's alright." I replied not really listening, I was looking around the field for Jay. (the vampire I was protecting) 

"Who you looking for?" Samantha asked joining me underneath the tree. 

"Oh someone who my cousin is friend's with." I replied. 

"Who? You've come to the right person if you want to find people, I hear all the rumours, know all the groups, who everyone is.." Samantha explained. 

"Jay Mourane." I replied and she almost choked on the water she was drinking. 

"Jay Mourane? Who is your cousin? A famous kid?" she stopped drinking her water and pointed to the football pitch, "The guy with his jumper off tackling the other guy, now the person who has the ball.. And who just scored. Jay Mourane is the most popular guy in this school, he and his father before him won all the sports trophies. He also is a genius, has a photographic memory too." The last part I wasn't surprised about, "If you want to say hello then girl you got to get past the brats." she pointed at a group of girls with astonishingly high skirts all cheering on Jay and squealing when he smiled at them. 

"Oh shoot." I muttered and took out your phone I dialled Daniel's number and stepped away from Samantha. 

"Hello? Lyola is everything alright?" Daniel's concerned voice picked up. 

"Yeah." I lowered my voice, "I've found him." I added. 

"Great! Now all you have to do is meet him. Oh and I haven't told you, a vampire protector is.. Ah.. Lets just say.. Atracted? Yes. Atracted to the vampire. It's the same with the vampire too." he replied. 

"Oh great! Easier said than done!" I muttered. I glanced over my sholder at Samantha who was watching the football match intently. 

"Why?" Daniel asked. 

"He's the most popular guy at school! Thousands of girls are atracted to him and how am I mean to explain when the hottest guy at school falls for the stupid new girl! I'm even calling him hot now! Thanks a lot!" I grumbled. 

"Ah. Right. Yes, just saw his name on the school website. Yes... Er.. Let me talk to his parents. And whatever you do, don't approach his parents even though I have talked to them" Daniel hung up and I sighed before joining Samantha to watch the football. I had decided that moment I was going to approach Jay's parents even though Daniel said no, if he said no he would expect me to do it, otherwise he wouldn't have mentioned it right?


I hung around the school front drive with Samantha who's older brother was picking her up, "Why are you waiting anyway?" she asked and then grabbed my sholder as a blue Jaguar pulled up on the drive. It was Jay's parents. 

I started towards it, "What you doing?" Samantha pulled me back. 

"Going to talk to his parents. Personal buisness." I replied truthfully and shook her off me before approaching the man who had gotten out of the car. He was nervously looking around the driveway. (I wouldn't be surprised if someone called you up and alerted you that your child needed a protector.) 

"That girl is so damn brave." Samantha muttered as I reached the car. 

"Excuse me.Sir.." I started politely, I guess it was the right approach.. 

"Yes?" he turned and smiled at me. 

"Um.. My name is Lyola.." I never finished. 

"Robert Mourane. Pleased to meet you Lyola. We'll be seeing a lot of you obviously, Daniel said you were a smart girl." he held out his hand and I shook it, I turned to see Jay walking over to the car. 

"Hi dad, who's this?" Jay asked confused. 

"Lyola Carmen, my dad is a friend of your dad." I quickly lied. At least Robert Mourane nodded. 

"Oh, pleased to meet you then. My name's Jay." He awkwardly held out his hand and I shook it. 

"Would you like to come over Lyola to talk.. Er about your dad's birthday present?" he stumbled. 

"Will my dad mind? I mean, he might get worried if i'm not back home before dark." I explained not wishing to go over to the house. 

"It's okay, I can call him. I'm sure Jay won't mind you staying for dinner. " he said. 

"Its okay I don't want to presure you into making more food." I replied, I couldn't eat human food! It was my hunting night tonight. 

"It's fine. Now are we really going to stand in the cold. Oh look Jay! You have another fan." Robert said before opening the back seat door for both Jay and I and then hurridly driving out of the school.


A few hours later I had been on an awkward tour around Jay's house and was sitting in the kicthen trying my best to tell Jay's mum Jessica that I couldn't eat. Vampires could eat but it wouldnt do anything. If I ate food for more than two days it would kill me. I hadn't hunted for two days straight and I felt really weak. I couldn't eat human food. 

"Jessica, um I have a bit of a problem.." I started. 

"Hmm? You can eat tonight right?" she asked. 

"Thats the problem. I haven't err. Hunted for two days." she paused. 

"Thats a big problem. Maybe we should tell Jay who he is.." she trailed off. 

"Robert! Can I have a word please!" Jessica called to her husband. 

"Yes?" he asked poking his head in through the door, "You ladies having a nice chat?" he asked smirking, befor I met Robert I assumed he was like a posh rich banker with a kid who knows he's cool. Well Robert was the toatl opposite. For a start he insited on me calling him Robert not Mr Mourane, he knew exactly who I was (meaning a vampire protector) and his son, Jay is really nice.  

"Firstly Lyola can't eat tonight." she said in a hushed voice then said in a normal voice, "When are we going to tell him?" she added. 

"Not yet. Not yet." Robert answered. 

"The longer he goes not knowing who he is, the bigger risk he has of being tracked down, Mr Mourane I think you should tell Jay before his sixteenth birthday, that's when things get tricky with powerful vampires even if they do know who they are." I said silently put my cup on the counter and thanked Jessica. 

"Not today. We have a few months. He's not sixteen yet." Robert insisted and left the room, hoping to avoid any comment that might disrupt his plans to keep his son safe and hidden.

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