The Vampire Protector

Lyola Carmen has a secret. Ever since she was chosen to become a Vampire Protector, she has been looking for her vampire. 6 years later... she found him. Can Lyola protect Jay from the Kratchers and keep her secret from mortals?


4. Chapter Two

"Guys? What on Earth is going on?" Jay asked angrily. Everyone was silent. 

"Well.. Lets just say it out straight. Your a vampire." Robert said and Jay looked at me with wide eyes. I just nodded and let Robert continue. "If you don't believe me we have proof." He added and then looked at me for guidance. 

"You hate garlic right?" I asked, Jay slowly nodded, "That's because it's used to ward of vampires. You grew up thinking you were allergic to it. Tell me now... Who else do you know that is allergic to garlic?" I asked, Jay shrugged. 

"Fair point, but what about drinking blood? Don't vampires only drink human blood?" He asked. 

"Yes, but if they do eat food it doesn't effect their system. It's just there. What i'm wondering is how your parents fed you human blood without you realising..." Daniel, Jay and I looked at Robert questioningly. 

"Every month we would take Jay to the doctor up on the mountain and he would give him an injection. We would then wash his memories of that day so he wouldn't remember and maybe think something odd was happening. It was cruel but I really wanted to keep Jay away from his vampire side for as long as I could." Robert admitted. 

"You trying to keep him safe almost killed him and my trainee here." Daniel growled, "If Lyola had been killed..." he warned Robert and went back to re - bandaging my wound. 

"I know, it was foolish of me to keep silent but he just wasn't ready for the news yet." Robert explained. 

"Lyola grew up knowing who she was so when she realised what she had to do she didn't freak out." Daniel said, "well... Didn't freak out as much as Jay did, Lyola had to go through three challenges to prove herself a worthy protector when she was ten. If Jay had to do that then how would you explain it? No human could do the challenges. It was impossible." Daniel said and got up, "Lyola come on. We can arrange whose living with who tomorrow." Daniel held out a hand for me to take. 

"What?" Robert said, but we had left and Daniel was driving away hurriedly in his car to our apartment.


"Daniel, what are we going to do? Jay is probably going to hate m  now, he'll think I'm some sort of freak." I asked worried. Daniel didn't say anything, his knuckles were white from him gripping the steering wheel so hard.
Finally, once we had got to our apartment, Daniel spoke, "I don't know what we're going to do. He will be in shock for a few days but eventually Jay will appreciate his fate. we both realise he is different from all the rest, Robert did too, that's probably why he wanted to keep Jay safe." Daniel said and slung his wet jacket onto a chair in the kitchen,"Go to bed, you have school tomorrow." he added, not wanting to anger him anymore, I silently went into my room. But sleep was not something that would come easily and so I stared at my white ceiling for the rest of the night.


That no night, I got no sleep, I was planning what to say to Lyola, she had lied to me! She kept a secret from me that effected my whole life. I was a Vampire. Me. A vampire! I didn't get who Lyola was, she seemed like an important person in my new life. What did she call herself again? A protector. So obviously she was assigned to protect something...
Or someone...
No! That's not possible! I was just a guy who had lived a normal life far away from myths and legends, why would I need protecting? Maybe it was Jason or Skye she was protecting... but as I lay in bed, I knew that for some reason my parents believed I needed protecting. So did Lyola.


I walked nervously down the corridor, Sam wasn't at school yet, I had decided to get here early to avoid a possible awkward argument with Jay. Unfortunately Jay had the same idea.
"Hi Jay," I said as I walked past him with his friends, I tried to walk quickly on but Jay stopped me.
"Why did you lie to me?" He asked, not caring that his friends would hear us argue, "My life is now ruined. All my goals... everything!" He added.
"I lied to keep you safe. I knew it was wrong but your dad made me promise. You can still live a normal life Jay, I am." I replied. His friends were now watching us argue but I didn't care. 
"I didn't need to be lied too, I don't even need protecting by you. By anyone in fact! I I've lived fifteen years without you, do you think I need protecting now?" He yelled.
"Yes! When you turn sixteen and you get attacked don't blame me because I warned you someday you would need a protector but you refused to listen." I yelled back and started to walk away but Jay grabbed my arm, Leg go of me you..." I started but Jay interrupted me.
"I can call you back can't I? I can call you when I really need you to right?" He asked with a slight worried voice. 
"No. When a protector is no longer needed we start the cycle if Aurauo again, If you really don't need me I'll take the journey to the river tonight. By dawn I'll be out of your life." I said and shook my arm off him.
"What about Samantha's party tonight? Your her best friend." Jay called down the hall as I walked away. 
"I'll be gone the day after tomorrow then." I yelled back at him and walked quickly away to my locker.
The whole day I sat in silence much to the annoyance of Sam. When I got home I checked that Daniel wasn't home and made the ritual scars on my shoulder and wrist, they were cuts in the shape of the Aurauo, two lines downward then a wavy line starting the left bottom corner of the left line and finishing at the top right corner of the right line. I then, burnt a Phoenix into my chest, above heart using the protectors ring. Once that was done I started my letter to Daniel.

To Daniel, 
I know I haven't protected Jay for long but he has made it clear that he doesn't want me. I'm taking the journey of Aurauo tonight. (I was leaving the message tomorrow on his desk in his room.) 
The front door opened and Daniel' footsteps could be heard downstairs, forgetting about the letter I grabbed my bag and went down to greet him.
"Going somewhere?" I asked, he was packing food supplies and a spare jacket into his bag.
"Max is having a summer party at his local pub, you look like your going somewhere too." He noticed and I sighed.
"You won't let me but it's Sam's party tonight, her sixteenth and I promised her I would come." I confessed and Daniel sighed.
"Have fun." He smiled and walked out of the door. I grabbed my coat and headed for Sam's house to get ready, apparently she had the perfect dress for me.


I walked through the door in an angry state, my mum looked up from her magazine as I slammed the door shut and stomped up to my bedroom, slamming the door and making it rattle on it's hinges. My dad came in calmly half an hour later when I had settled a bit and sat on my bed with me.
"Is everything okay Jay?" He asked, I didn't reply so he just sat there.
"Dad what's the cycle of Aurauo?" I asked cautiously, my dad looked at me in horror.
"The journey of Aurauo is what protectors take once they're vampires do not need them, it is a complicated ritual which could easily be avoided, ( I think a bullet wound to the heart is much simpler) but protectors believe in rituals and tradition so they always do the complicated things..." he trailed off.
"But what happens?" I asked.
"The protector takes a rather painful journey to be re - born to protect a different vampire in a different era and sometimes a different world.  What happens during that journey I do not know, you'd have to ask a protector that question. Why don't you ask Lyola that question? I'm sure she'd be happy to tell you, she's taken the journey twice before you know." My dad asked and I sighed, I couldn't tell him it was Lyola taking the journey could I? Now I knew what it was, I knew Lyola couldn't go. I barely knew her. I knew what I was going to do, it might not turn out well though. The more I thought about it, the less faith I had in myself to do this 'plan'. Well, it's a first time for everything isn't it?

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