The Vampire Protector

Lyola Carmen has a secret. Ever since she was chosen to become a Vampire Protector, she has been looking for her vampire. 6 years later... she found him. Can Lyola protect Jay from the Kratchers and keep her secret from mortals?


5. Chapter Three

"Wow Sam, the dress is beautiful... I don't know what to say.." I gasped as Sam showed me the dress she expected me to wear. It was in two parts, the top part was a silky black top with black see through sleeves which just ended above my elbow, the skirt part of the dress was a stunning red which again was made of silk (but not see through) and was slightly frilly/wavy. Beside the dress was a black,red and silver mask, Venice style.

Sam was wearing a similar dress but with a blue skirt and instead of red glitter lining the mask she wore a mask with blue glitter lining the outside.

"Don't say anything at all, my mum bought the dresses and by the way she doesn't expect any cash back. It's a belated birthday present for you from her." Sam explained and looked at me in the way she does when I've done something wrong, "You need a new hair style. " She stated and brought out a bag full of clips, curling tools and any other fashion things for hair you might need. I got into my dress as she curled her hair and clipped it up slightly at the back.

"Right, now we've got to do something about that mess." Sam said, indicating to my hair, " Perhaps curling would look nice..."


I had only been invited to the party because Lyola had suggested it to Sam, I remember what made Sam invite me, "More people will accept your invite. Maybe even Max will accept if his best mate came." After mention of Max (The boy she loved) Sam had agreed straight away. 

I hadn't been sure about coming until realised what the Cycle of Aurauo was. Lyola was literally going to kill herself because I refused to be protected by her. Now I think about it, I would have died if Lyola hadn't protected me in that forest. If I panicked about knocking someone like before.. I would never survives one second alone.

"Ready Jay?" My mum called from downstairs, I was checking myself in the mirror for the seventh time that evening. I walked slowly down the stairs and my nun smiled, "You look lovely dear. Have a great time." She patted my cheek annoyingly and I walked out of the house to greet Max who was giving me a lift to Sam's.

"You know what?" He whispered to me as Max's dad drove to the party.

"What?" I asked.

"The birthday girl, Sam.. she seems pretty nice and I've got along well with her these couple of days being her lab partner and all.. Will you introduce her to me?" He asked, I smiled and nodded. That's one love struck couple formed tonight then and the party hasn't even started.

We reached the club and Sam was on the door greetings people, she smiled when she saw Max and I, " She smiled at me!" Max hissed and I smiled back to Sam.

"Lyola is in the bathroom, hey Max!" She directed me then turned her full attention to Max and started up a conversation about their favourite subject... stars. (No doubt by the end of the conversation Max will refer to Sam as a star.)

I moved towards the back of the room and smiled awkwardly at Lyola who was surrounded by a couple of her friends, the stood protectively around her... of course! They had been there when I had yelled at Lyola.

Not feeling confident enough to approach her I quickly turned to the nearest exit and appreciated the cold air. I stood there in silence, the music hadn't properly started yet but I could still hear it from outside, I had a feeling when the party started for real the neighbours might mention a curfew for the club. Fortunately for us... no curfew had been set yet so the party ended latest two in the morning. I thought about leaving before then, I should go home now. I couldn't face Lyola now, but I knew if I didn't I would never talk to her and she would kill herself for nothing.

"Obviously not, it's a stupid idea Nieve!" I heard Lyola and her friends imerge from inside the club and joke around near the wall in the front drive, a few of them who are already sixteen were clutching glass bottles and even if they couldnt drink a few girls were drinking anyway. Lyola suddenly caught sight of me leaning against a wall watching them and she silently slipped over to me. 

"I'm leaving tommorow night if you wanted to know." She said, crossing her arms and standing a meter away from me. 

"No you won't." I said suddenly, she glared at me and her expression turned to anger. 

"You want me to go now? Is that it?" she growled and came so close I could feel her breath on my face. She pulled away and leant on the wall beside me. 

"No. I don!t want you ever to go. I need you to help me understand and last night you saved me life in the forest..." I confessed and came face to face with her. 

"You don't want me to go?" she asked. 

"No. I don't want you being in pain because of a few foolish words I said, without you I would be dead by now." I said and not realising we had both got closer to each other. 

"If thats true.." she said. 

"Yes." I replied and so I didn't stop myself later from doing it I leant in and kissed her lightly on the lips, surprisingly she kissed back, "Lyola.." I started but she smiled and kissed me once more on her soft lips before taking my hand and dragging me towards her friends.



It was taking a few seconds to process in my mind what just happened but my conscious said it was okay so I didn't kill him, no.. I kissed him back. Now what may have been an argument turned into a love story. Great.

"Hey Jay! Enjoying the party?" A blonde girl came up to JAY, he started to back off but I approached her.

"I've seen you before." I started, "Give you a word of advice..." I started.

"Go on then." She smirked.

"Back off from my boyfriend." I growled and both Jay and I walked away.

"You really mean it?" He asked.

"Yes." I kissed him on the cheek and then nodded towards Max, "have a nice time and watch that guy." I said and walked off to my friends by the wall. 


I walked up to Max and realised he was slightly drunk, being 16 he was able to drink most of the drinks there, "Did I tell you about that hot girl dancing with her friends? The one with blonde hair." He grinned, I decided not to mention that all of them except Lyola had blonde hair but I knew h meant Sam.

"Yes." I replied.

"Well I'm thinking of asking her out." he grinned wider and did a little victory dance.

"Take it easy on the acholol man okay?" I smiled and patted Max on the back as he danced over to Sam, he had obviously already asked her out because she kissed him on the cheek when he asked her out again. He did a victory dance again and sat on the wall like a little kid. 

"Listen up!" Sam suddenly shouted an the music stopped as everyone looked up at Sam standing on the wall, "It's midnight! Time to start the party and annoy the neighbours!" She yelled and everyone cheered, "To make sure everyone will have a good time we're going to start with a game!" She yelled. 

"We are going to play spin the bottle. But with a twist, the bottle is going to be full. whoever it points to has to take a mouthful then kiss the person who spun the bottle." Well this was going to be fun... 

Sam started first and it landed (thankfully) in front of Max. Though I doubt Max needed anymore alcohol to drink, he was almost completely drunk. He tipped half the contents into his mouth then swallowed and grinned. Sam lent forward and kissed him, she recoiled from the taste (Sam didn't drink unless necessary) and pecked him on the cheek before sitting back in her place next to me on the grass outside the club.

Max then span the bottle and it landed on Lyola, "Your one lucky man dude, the two hottest girls in the club one after the other!" Some guy said, both Max and I stood up suddenly.

"Hey..." we said in unison.

"that's our girlfriends your talking about there." Max growled and glared at the guy before sitting back down. He didn't say a single thing more except sorry when he kissed Lyola.


Okay guys I'm sorry for that lovely dovey scene but I needed to get Lyola and Jay together somehow. Next chapter will involve fighting for sure.

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