The Vampire Protector

Lyola Carmen has a secret. Ever since she was chosen to become a Vampire Protector, she has been looking for her vampire. 6 years later... she found him. Can Lyola protect Jay from the Kratchers and keep her secret from mortals?


3. Chapter One


When I got home Daniel was waiting by the porch with his arms crossed and wearing a scowl on his face, "What did I tell you? Don't go and approach the parents.. What do you go and do? Appproach the parents." he growled, "You know, do you know why I bother doing this? Because to me, you are like the daughter I never got to see. I haven't seen my family since I agreed to protect and teach you. Thats one of the sacrafices we have to make. But i left because it was my duty and so now when I tell you not to do something. You will not go and do the opposite! Is that clear?" he added, raising his voice. It had started to rain during my walk home and so he looked even scarier. I just gulped and nodded, "Good. Starting from tommorow you will go over to his house every other day. I've already talked to the father." he growled and walked inside, I followed not wishing to make him angrier. 


A month later....


I closed my locker and waved to Sam (Samantha) who was walking towards me, "My mum's out the whole week this week, you want to come over tonight for a girls night in? Chloe has agreed and so has Nieve." she asked. I paused, today was Wednesday, that meant I was going to Jay's house. We had become great friends in the past month but due to his fathers demands, had to make sure nobody knew about me coming over every other day to explain to Robert the rules of protecting. It was also to get to know Jay and the family. 

Since a month ago I knew a lot about their family and I had told Jay some things about mine, Jay had a younger sister called Skye (pronouced Sky) and an older brother called Jason. Both his parents were vampires as well as Jason and Skye. Only Jason out of the three children knew he was a vampire. Only Jay so far was powerful enough to need a protector. 

Jay knew I traveled with my 'dad' who was a reporter for any companies that would take him. In the past he had been successful enough to make his story the front headline of The Sunday Times. The job was true. My relationship with Daniel was not. 

"Uh.. Lyola? Earth to Lyola? Can you come?" Sam asked again, waving her hand infront of my face. 

"I don't know Sam, I can see what time I leave an old friend of mine's house. It shouldn't be late and ask my dad if I can come over. I should be able to." I replied and smirked as Jay came through the hallway being pursued by two blonde girls. 

After he ran into the boys bathroom they finally left him and complained about something to do with sports captains hating blonde girls. Jay finally left the bathroom and approached me. 

"U coming round tonight?" he muttered softly in my ear, pretending to look at something in my locker. 

"Yeah, I don't think you need to ask me that anymore." I replied quietly back. 

"The car broke down though so we have to walk, meet you by the gates?" he asked then frowned, "No, i'll probably get mobbed by strange girls there.. Meet u by the lockers." he replied then noticing Sam there he quickly left.  

Sam raised her eyebrows but said nothing more as we walked to Geography together.


"She was so funny!" Sam exclaimed, "Like, what does this mean in German? I swear she is going to make me laugh so much I will choke on my own tears of joy." Sam added and danced around the place. She stopped when she noticed Jay standing near the lockers, looking nervously around. 

"Hey Jay, your here early." I commented and opened my locker. 

"Got out of english early." he replied and sholdered his rucksack, I locked my locker and we walked to the gates, "The way to the house is this way. Through the forest." He motioned to a pathway lit with streetlamps winding into the forest. 

"Okay... Is that the only way?" I asked. That was a definate place Kratchers loved to hide. Forests were almost their home. 

"Yeah. U scared?" he asked. 

"Nope." I replied and punched his arm lightly. We walked into the forest and I was on immediate alert, I could feel the coldness of the blade of my knife against my side, I had hidden it in my jacket for protection. The knife could be used in three ways. It was in two parts, a long curved blade and a short blade like a dagger. Each had a blue diamond like handle that when both were fitted together created a double weapon. The weapon could be used to stabbing the enemy, knocking them senseless with the handle or injecting a deadly poision into them which was stored in the long diamon encrusted knife handle. 

I sensed something move behind me and I looked around. Tonight would not be the best night for Kratchers to attack. Unfortunately.. I had the luck of the devil. 

I sensed he was there before I saw him, I knew the attacker was a Kratcher.. From the stink to the movements and ruthless passion to kill. 

We were surrounded before I could even draw my weapon, now I had taken it out Jay looked at me in surprise. I pushed Jay behind me and went into a low fighting stance, the sign that I was an experienced protector. The Kratchers hesitated. Finally one came from behind me and was about to stab Jay in the back when his knife clashed with mine, he stumbled back as the force went down his arm. I kicked him in the chest, winding him and taking him out of the fight. One down... About six to go. Before I could explain I launched myself at a second attacker who kicked my knife hand and sent my weapon skidding to a halt at Jay's feet. We fought in hand to hand combat which I knew I would never win, the other Kratchers slowly inched towards Jay but he got the jist and when the first Kratcher touched him, Jay sent him sprawling.. .I knew I was dead when he had me facing Jay with an arm wrapped round my throat, the remaining uninjured Kratchers laughed as I struggled to breathe, Jay slowly and cautiously picked up my weapon and weighed it in his palm. Grinning, the Kratcher who had hold of me remarked, " This young vampire needs a protector.. How sweet. But now your protector is going to die." And he brought out a dagger to finish me off. With a final effort I jumped into the air as high as I could go.. Two feet probably... And kicked backwards, sending the Kratcher stumbling right into Jay who stabbed him in the back. The Kratcher howled and crumbled to dust. The rest remaining had fled. 

"We have to move, Kratchers hunt in groups of five or more. We have killed one pack of them but there are definately more lurking around. You've been lucky. Most vampires don't survive their first Kratcher attack without knowledge of them being a vampire." I said, rubbing my throat and wincing as I got up. I hadn't attacked like that in a long time. 

"Vampire? Your a vampire?" Jay stuttered.  

"No and never want to be." I remarked and took my weapon out of Jay's shaking hands. 

"Then why....?" he started. 

"I'm a vampire protector. I protect vampires like you. Powerful vampires that have a risk of being tracked by Kratchers or even suspisous humans." I explained and started to walk down the path again, "Hurry.. Most Kratchers come out at dusk." and we both ran to the house.. Well.. I limped to the house.

When we reached the house Jay -in a state of panic- knocked rapidly on the door till it opened and he ran inside and started talking madly, "These people...Vampires..confusing..walked in forest...What happened? Who are you?" he looked at me for the last question. 

"What happened Lyola?" Robert asked me as Jessica calmed Jay down. 

"We took the forest path to the house and a pack of Kratchers ambushed us, in the end he happened to kill one that was strangling me. Thats probably why he's panicking." I quickly explained and Robert called Daniel to come over. We sat in silence untill he knocked on the door. 

"Lyola? Lyola? Are you okay?" Daniel's worried voice asked from the hallway. 

"Daniel!" I called, he walked into the living room and his eyes widened at my bandaged leg on the chair, "It's okay. I just have to rest it. One of the Kratchers knifed me in the leg. It's hardly a scratch." but Daniel (being him) checked it anyway and breathed a sigh of relief. 

"You protectors are extremely brave." Jessica commented, "That. Just a stratch? I would be unconsious by now." Jessica huffed and walked out of the room. 

"Guys? What on Earth is going on?" Jay asked angrily. The room fell silent.

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