The Vampire Protector

Lyola Carmen has a secret. Ever since she was chosen to become a Vampire Protector, she has been looking for her vampire. 6 years later... she found him. Can Lyola protect Jay from the Kratchers and keep her secret from mortals?


6. Chapter Four


Jay, Sam, Max and I sat on the cold wall outside the club and stared into space , it was five in the morning and nobody could be bothered to move from the wall after so much they had drank. Finally a car pulled up in front of the wall, it was Robert.

Jay jumped slowly down and whispered something to him, Robert nodded and Jay turned to us, "You want to stay at mine for the night?" He asked.

"Okay. Robert can you call dad please though." I said and Robert smiled and nodded.

"If you wouldn't mind Sir.. I don't think I could walk home." Sam said shyly and nudged Max.

"Uh... Yes please Mr Mourane." He said and then threw up. We all helped him up and got him safely into the car.

"Call me Robert guys, I'm not a school teacher and I feel like I'm back at work if you call me Mr Mourane." Robert said to Max and Sam, they nodded and Robert drove off quickly.


Robert unlocked the door and called out to Jessica, "We're home!" He called and Skye came running up to him.

"Mummy can't come because she's cooking cakes." She said, "Hello Lyola." She smiled and waved at me, I waved back. Sam looked at me curiously, I pretended to ignore it.

"You should be in bed little Skye." Robert ruffled her hair and she ran back into the living room.

Robert led us to the living room and switched the television on while he talked to Jessica. Max and Sam called their parents who both let them stay over if they weren't late for school the next day. Half an hour later their parents dropped off their uniform and Sam looked at me, "Isn't your dad going to drop off your uniform too? What about a change of clothes too? Your not sleeping in that dress." She said and I shrugged and smiled.

"Right sleeping arrangements... Lyola.. your okay with that room?" Robert said, I had slept over here a few times before when Daniel had done night shifts at his work

"Yep." I nodded.

"Max can sleep in the sofa bed in Jay's room and Sam can sleep in Lyola's room. I'll bring in a blow up mattress for you." Robert said and I showed Sam where we would be sleeping.

"It's not really my room but... yeah.. never mind." I told her, my 'room' had a bed, a small wardrobe and a bedside table with a clock and lamp. In the wardrobe it had spare school uniform and a spare change of clothes.

"Why do you have a room here? You hardly know Jay." She said, "Unless... you haven't told anyone that you know him.." She looked at me.

"I go to his house every other day." I confessed, "But for a reason I can't tell you." I added.

"Right. Okay then." She said and smiled as Robert came in with a blow up mattress. Sensing some anger in the room (Vampires can sense moods and feelings) he looked at me but I shook my head and there was silence.


We were downstairs in the living room when Jessica came in and beckoned me to the kitchen.

"It's the 16th. You have to hunt tonight." She said worried, "If you out the back door I can cover for you. I also want you to take Jay. He has never hunted and now he knows how we keep him strong he won't let us do it again." She said and I nodded.

I didn't know how Jay was going to react to how I hunted so I was nervous about going tonight but I knew if I didn't go and I ate human food, it would almost kill me.

"Jay, can I talk to you for  minute?" I asked and he nodded and got up, "Jessica says I have to take you hunting tonight." I told him and he sighed.

"What about another night?" He asked.

"I know you don't want to go but if I don't go hunting tonight and I eat human food, it would kill me. Protectors aren't like vampires, I can go two days on human food and then if I eat any more without hunting first I die." I whispered. He nodded and grabbed his coat I smirked, "You won't need it. I'm also going to show you what you can do tonight too, strengths, weaknesses, speed." I said and Jessica opened the back door.

"Be quick." She said and I nodded.

"First lesson, speed. Run." I told him and sped off into the forest, he followed and when I got to a wide open field I stopped.

"Wow..." He breathed and looked around him, "Why here?" He asked and I pointed to a local pub nearby.

"We don't kill, we drink then heal the wound. Here's the plan." I quickly whispered to him my plan, half an hour later, he had understood the ways of a Vampire.



It had been a good night, Mark Arthroth had been given a job promotion and he was engaged to his beautiful girlfriend. He came out of the pub and started walking home to tell his mother before meeting his fiancee for a night out.

There was a yell from in front of him and a figure ran out into the path, the figure fell onto their knees and then collapsed in the floor, motionless.

"Oh gosh..." Mark stared in horror for a few seconds before realising someone  was hurt and rushing to their side. To his astonishment it was a young teen aged boy. Mark searched for any signs of blood and then checked his pulse, it was completely normal. The boy sat up suddenly and groaned, "There was a girl... Oh my gosh! You would never believe me." He started rambling on, Mark helped him to his feet and suddenly heard a thump behind him. The boy froze and started stumbling backwards away from whatever was behind Mark.

Mark slowly turned and saw a girl staring at him, "Congratulations Mark. You've got a job, your engaged to Lucy and now, after celebrating with a pint, you've been chosen. Lucky old you." She said in a voice Mark didn't like.

"Hey kid..." Mark turned to see the boy sharpening a deadly blade while staring at him, the blade had a glowing  blue handle encrusted with diamonds (Probably fake) and the blade itself as a deadly curve which shined in the moonlight and gave Mark shivers up his spine.

"I don't know who you might be but honestly I have nothing you want. I'm just an average human!" Mark cried.

"That's why we want you." The boy growled and his sword glinted in the moonlight.

He turned back to the girl who was now looking for something under her coat, Mark took this as a chance to run and sprinted forward. The girl kicked him in the chest and all he could remember was a blinding blue light before he passed out.

Twenty minutes later he woke to see three men looking at him worriedly "He didn't drink more than a pint." one of them exclaimed. Mark got up from the damp floor and smiled at the men before stumbling away, slightly dizzy. He looked at his watch for the time and noticed a faint scar running up his arm. He tried to remember what happened but he could only remember a blue light. Mark shivered and ran the rest of the way home.



"Then what happened?" Jason, Jay's older brother said in fits of laughter.

"His face! I wish I had brought a camera along now, it was hilarious! Well after we freaked him out I knocked him out cold and that was that." I laughed.

"His face was like this." Jay laughed while he failed to recreate the face Mark Arthroth put on when he saw Jay's blade. It was Jay's most prized possession, he had been given it last month for his birthday. Before that, whenever we were training we had to make do with kitchen knives. Jessica did get upset when she realised her carving knife for Sunday roast (Her friends were around) was stuck in the chandelier in the wide hallway near the door. Since then the three of us, Jason, Jay and I had been banned from fighting indoors and using kitchen appliances was also banned. That was when Robert took a trip up the mountain to find a weapon to suit Jay. He spent hours choosing one for him. Robert was also worried the weapon wouldn't be right for Jay, each vampire suits his/her own weapon. When Jay was asked what he might like he took great interest in my double bladed knife. He got quite upset when he realised only vampire protectors were allowed that design.

"If you children are quite finished it's time for bed. Daniel is coming over tomorrow morning to discuss... things." Robert said and everyone protested about going  to sleep. Finally Robert gave up and we spent the night watching numerous vampire movies and making fun of the way each film portrayed the vampire. I think Interview with the Vampire was my favourite.

Jason was quite happy about hanging around with us, being just a year and a half older than Jay, he was quite close. Jason and Jay could be mistaken for twins, in fact... it had been done numerous times.

Without realising we had all fallen asleep during Lost Boys, it was about five in the morning and we had watched all the vampire movies Robert owned. 

"Wake up sleepy heads. I don't know how much sleep you guys got but you lucky it's half term." Robert yelled from the kitchen, I sat up and realised Jay was still asleep, he had his arm wrapped around my waist and his head was on my shoulder.

"Jason!" I hissed, "Bit of help here please?" I asked, Jason grinned and carefully helped me get off the sofa without waking Jay.

"You can tell someone loves you." he laughed.

"Well duh. He's my boyfriend." I punched his arm lightly. Jason smirked and picked up his phone, it was his girlfriend.

"Hello? Er... No." He started to walk around the room as he listened, suddenly his expression changed to shock, "What!? No Rachel listen to me..." He sat down and looked at me. 'Coffee?' I mouthed and he nodded. I went into the kitchen and started making three cups of coffee. Robert frowned as he heard Jason talking on the phone.

"Rachel please! Listen to me, It's not what you think. Just listen to me!" He started to panic and when Rachel hung up he fell to his knees. Robert rushed towards him and started to talk quietly to him. By now Jay had woken up and was watching with me by the sofa, it was best to leave Jason alone when stuff like this happened.

"Somehow her mum who doesn't live with her remembered from a few weeks ago meeting Jessica. She did some research and found other people with scars like hers. They got together and came to a guess that vampires were real. Mary told Rachel that Jessica was a Vampire and that she should stay away from me in case I kill her." He broke down in tears and we all sat neat him and talked to him calmly.

"The only way Mary could have got her memory back is from a Kratcher. But then for a price, Kratchers are always happy to offer advice, answer questions and lift memory wipes or curses, but always for a big price. often the clients most prized possession or sometimes even family members." I said and Jason groaned.

"She said she was moving to a safer place... her mum traded her for a bunch of memories?" He started to panic again, "Who would do that? Who would trade her only daughter for a few damn memories?" Jason spat out.

"I can go and talk to Rachel if you want." I offered, before Jason could ask why I said, "Numerous times I have explained to people the vampire ways. I would need your help and consent though." I explained.

"Consent?" Jason asked warily.

"The only way for a mortal to believe is to witness it. I can set up a trap for a Kratcher but Rachel is going to have to be bait." I explained and Jason surprisingly nodded.

"What do I have to do?" He asked.

"First of all I need to track Rachel's moves and the best way to do that is to get to know her, we're going  to have to set a scene up to convince her that I'm in the same situation as her." I explained, "Then we need the Kratchers to take me in, adopt  me for a while."

"No. No way are you going. I'll go." Jay insisted.

"They will smell your scent. I'm the only person who can go without getting revealed instantly. We then have to keep in contact. We can use mbm to keep each other updated." I said and Jay frowned.

"Messaging By Mind." Jason explained noticing Jay's expression which then turned into a scowl.

"Okay Mr Genius." He said and turned back to me, "How does it work?" He asked.

"Well for beginners you think of the person you want to contact and you can talk to them through your mind. The only problem with that is that the other person has to be thinking of you too." I said and then turned to Jason, "The more advanced in Mind Messaging can project an image of themselves to where the person they are trying  to contact is. This gets the attention of the person you ate trying to speak to. You then can project the image of the other person onto any reflective surface. Glass, mirrors and water work well, my advice is to use mirrors. They're the best surface to use." The doorbell rang and Robert got up to answer it. It was Daniel.

He caught sight of Jason kneeling on the floor in a state of panic and he cast a worried look at Robert, "Is Jason okay?" He asked.

"Well his girlfriend has just been traded by her mother for a bunch of memories from the Kratchers. She thinks Jason is a monster." Robert whispered, it was no use though, Jason had heard him.

"I am a monster!" He growled, "Vampires who don't get protectors are like magnets. Everyone falls for them. It's a way of attacking people. But obviously I wouldn't attack my girlfriend!" He got up and was about to leave the house when Daniel stopped him.

"The whole house is surrounded by Kracthers. They'll kill you on sight." he said But Jason shook him off.

"I'd rather die than see the one I love in the hands of monsters." He growled and stormed out into the daylight.

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