The Vampire Protector

Lyola Carmen has a secret. Ever since she was chosen to become a Vampire Protector, she has been looking for her vampire. 6 years later... she found him. Can Lyola protect Jay from the Kratchers and keep her secret from mortals?


7. Chapter Five

Before anyone could stop me, I grabbed my double bladed knife and raced for the door.

I opened the door and didn't hesitate to figure out immediately what was happening before launching in to the situation.


"I'd rather die than see someone I love in the hands of monsters." I growled and stormed out of the house to greet a silent pavement, "So much for Kratchers being here Daniel." I muttered and started to walk into the forest.

"You should listen to Daniel boy. He's a smart one he is." I voice growled from the shadows of the forest and I backed away, suddenly regretting not listening to Daniel.

"Who are you? You don't scare me." I said, thankfulness my voice didn't waver in fear.

"It was so easy to draw Mary in... oh yes... I shall have a good night with the wolves on full moon feasting on an ignorant mortal."

"Don't you hurt her!" I yelled and was about to launch myself at when a voice yelled from behind me.

"Don't move!" I turned and I saw Lyola standing on the steps of the house. She was holding her double bladed knife but seemed to be struggling to move somehow.

The man took his opportunity to attack and threw me to the ground, I tried to wrestle the man off me but the man was too strong. Lyola was standing there with a look of pain and horror on her face.

"A little help please Lyola!" I yelled and I cried out as the man slashed his knife across my chest. It wasn't a deep cut but there was still a lot of blood and it hurt like he'll.

"I can't move! Usually I'm allowed to help vampires without their own protectors but ..." She paused and I gulped. uh oh. Now she's going to know...I thought Rachel would help me forget and fool them...

"You lied! Jason why did you lie? Where is your protector?" She cried in horror and tried to push against the invisible barrier keeping her from running to me.

"I didn't want anybody to know so when my family moved house and I didn't tell them, my protector hid because they thought I didn't want them." He yelled back.

"That's not true!" A voice came from the forest, a double bladed knife sprouted from the man fighting Jason and he crumbled to dust, the owner of the knife was invisible which made Lyola stare again in horror. I just collapsed on the ground and darkness overwhelmed me.


I definitely didn't know what was happening when I saw that Jason's protector was invisible. Only protectors who were male could turn invisible. I was confused until I saw his reaction to Jason falling onto the ground unconscious.

"Jason! No! Please don't be a serious wound!" the invisible person became visible again and I saw a teenage boy the same age as Jason, he had short dark brown hair in a slight quiff and striking green eyes. He started to see how bad the wound was and then froze in horror.

"Hey! Hey!" I yelled and could now run over to Jason. He looked at me and then noticed my knife.

"You aren't.." he looked at Jason.

"No. I'm his brother's girlfriend." I said and knelt down next to Jason realised what the boy was horrified about, "He's been poisoned. The knife was dipped in werewolf blood." I said, "Get him inside. Robert will be worrying what happened to him." I said and was about to help the boy carry Jason but he shook his head and picked up Jason on his own.

"My name is Ash. I would shake your hand but I can't right now." He said. I suddenly noticed he was limping badly, his left leg had a nasty gash on it, Ash had obviously bandaged it up but it had become infected. Dried blood covered his jeans.KilO

I opened the door for him and Robert came running towards us to take Jason from Ash. Once Jason had been taken from him Ash almost collapsed. I caught him and led him to a chair in the kitchen. Immediately Jessica saw his leg and started fussing over him. It didn't matter who he was, he had saved Jason and that was all Jessica needed to know.

"Lyola? Are you okay?" Jay came into the kitchen and saw me helping Jessica fix Ash's wounded leg. Ash suddenly tilted his head back and fell unconscious. Jay rushed to stop him from falling off the chair and he looked away as Ash's makeshift bandage was taken off. It was greatly infected.


Daniel and I had slept over and I offered to watch Jason and Ash who had been unconscious since 2pm the previous day. We had laid them on the sofas and I had slept on a mattress on the floor, my knife lay by my head on the floor.

Ash woke suddenly and started yelling in a language which protectors used to communicate when they didn't want anybody to know what they were saying.

"Ash! Calm down! It's okay.. your safe..." I said and tried to get him to sleep again but he shook his head and winced as he tried to put pressure on his wounded leg.

"You healed it?" He asked.

"Jessica did. Vampires who are mothers are very good at healing wounds." I explained as he slowly limped around the room, trying to walk, "What happened?" I asked.

"Kratchers ambushed me. I was trying to find Jason after he moved. I thought he didn't need me anymore but I didn't do the ritual because I had a feeling he might have just forgotten to tell me he moved. It was a long shot but I found him." He sat next to me on my mattress and glanced at my weapon.

"That's got werewolf blood in the hilt. Smart." He raised his eyebrows.

"You can also take then apart to make two knives." I told him and showed him the way I took apart the double bladed knife to create two knives just as deadly.

Ash whistled, "Ash? Is that you?" Jason asked. Ash got up suddenly.

"Yes. I'm back." Ash said and knelt by Jason. Jason pulled him into  hug and started to silently cry in shoulder.

"I thought you had gone." Jason said and Ash pulled away from him.

"I would never leave you, remember our promise?" Ash said and Jason nodded while trying to get up. He cried out in pain and Ash gently helped him lie back down.

"So why are you protecting Jason? I thought protectors were a different gender to their vampire." I asked and Jason put his hands on his face like he was embarrassed.

"Slight complications. Let's just say it broke my heart when Jason moved away without telling me." Ash answered and I looked at him curiously.

"Oh." I said not getting it... wait..., "Oh." I said again and Jason looked at me.

"Do not tell anyone. Especially Dad." Jason said.

"He's going to find out sometime but I swear not to tell anyone" I said.

Jay came down the stairs with just his jeans on, no shirt and grinned at my expression.

"We have visitors." I said as he kissed me on the forehead.

"Ash won't mind. After all... he is ... in love with Jason." Jay said and Ash looked at Jay in horror.

"You knew?" He asked.

"Of course, Jason is like my twin brother. He told me that he was in love with you before he told you. He also made me swear not to tell anyone either which I didn't. I just didn't know who Ash was, as in a Protector at the time." Jay explained and went into the kitchen to make some toast and coffee.

"Lyola? You want coffee and toast?" He called.

"Sure." I called back.

"Hmmm." Ash said and I looked at him.

"What?" I asked.

"Your boyfriend's cute. Your a lucky girl." He commented and I gave him a warning stare. He laughed,"Jason's cuter though." He added.

"Only you could say that Ash." Jason muttered and I left the room to greet Jay in the kitchen.

"Nice coffee." I smelt the cup and Jay looked at me, "What?" I asked but he didn't reply. Instead he held my waist and drew me in closer, he ran a hand through my hair.

"Good morning." He whispered in my ear and placed his warm lips on mine.

Someone cleared their throat behind me and we pulled apart suddenly, Jay banged his head on the cupboard, "Serve you right. This is a free zone yes? If you want free time together without disruption. You have a bedroom Jay. And get a shirt on will you?" Jessica said uncovering Skye's eyes. At least it was Jessica, not Daniel or Robert.

Jay looked slightly embarrassed as he grabbed a shirt from the linen cupboard and helped Jessica lay the table for a family breakfast. She insisted as Ash was around and he had saved Jason's life. After the table was set we helped Jason and Ash to the table. We managed to get Jason and Ash sitting together without Jessica thinking something was going on.

"Morning Daniel." I said as Daniel came into the kitchen. Ash laughed at his t-shirt which said I have a double bladed knife and I know how to use it. in the altered, Fae language used by the protectors. Daniel frowned at Ash and Ash stopped laughing, if Daniel found out he wad Jason's protector he would tell Robert and Jason would be in big trouble.

Once Robert had come down Jessica served up bacon and waffles.

"Well this is a first." Jay commented and Jessica gave him a warning look.

"So Ash, how did you kill the Kratcher?" Robert asked curiously.

"Er.. With a knife." Ash said frowning.

"Ah yes, obviously." Robert said quickly, "So Jason? How are we going to rescue your girlfriend?" He asked Jason and Ash almost choked on his orange juice, Daniel frowned at Ash again and I had a feeling that he knew this wasn't the first time Jason had met Ash.

"She's not my girlfriend anymore but we have a plan." Jason said.


"So Jason? How are we going to rescue your girlfriend?" Robert asked Jason and I almost choked on my orange juice, Jason had a girlfriend? When was he going to tell me that? I was going to be excused from the table but Jason's expression told me that he was annoyed at Robert for saying that.

"She's not my girlfriend anymore but we have a plan." Jason replied and gripped my hand under the table, "We still have to rescue her. They're going to give her to the wolves at the summer solstice. It's when the vampires and the werewolves meet."  I looked over to where Daniel, who was probably Lyola's trainer was sitting. He was staring at me and frowning, I looked away and saw Lyola glare at him.

"So Ash, how did you know Jason was in trouble? Only the vampires protector can sense his vampire is in trouble." Daniel asked.

"But Jason doesn't need a protector... does he?" Robert asked.

Daniel nodded," I've been watching his progress, yesterday confirmed that he was powerful enough, especially when Lyola couldn't go near Jason when he was being attacked.

"So are you saying Ash is his protector? I thought the protectors were a different gender to the vampire." Jessica asked and both Jason and I started to panic, I could sense Jason's heart beating faster than usual.

"Can Ash and I be excused from the table? I'd like to talk to him alone." Jason suddenly asked and without a response slowly got up from the table, he winced as he stood up straight and he looked at me.

"Oh yeah. sure." I said and also slowly got up from the table, Jason walked out the door and then closed his eyes as if concentrating.

"Lyola and Jay are just coming." Jason said and I smiled at him impressed, messaging by mind? Who taught him that?


Get out here now! With Lyola. A voice said in my head. Lyola looked at me and we both got up suddenly "Sorry." We both said and walked quickly outside.

"What's wrong?" Lyola asked.

"I think we should tell Dad that Ash is my protector." Jason said and gripped Ash's hand.

"Okay. Just Dad?" I asked. Jason nodded, "When?" I asked.

"Lets rescue Rachel first then tell him."Jason said and Ash winced.

"Did you really have a girlfriend?" Ash asked.

"Yep. He even slept with her." I grinned.

"Not helping Jay! It wasn't like that, she was staying over after the school dance and she slept in my bed. Nothing happened." Jason explained to Ash who sighed but didn't comment back, "I thought you were gone!" Jason added.

"I forgive you then." Ash grumbled and I had to resist the urge to say 'aww'.

"Uh guys? The summer solstice is in three weeks." Lyola interrupted. Everyone froze, "Just kidding. It's in a month and a half." She laughed. Everybody glared at her, "What? It got your attention. I need to show you something. You might want to be armed though. We have to go past several Kratcher lairs." She said and we all went back inside quietly, we didn't want the adults to know what we were doing. Ash grabbed his knife and looked at Lyola as he held up a brown leather bag. She nodded and he started to take out weapons. Occasionally he threw some to Lyola who caught them silently.

"Seriously?" Jason whispered to Ash and Lyola who were... well armed.

"It's a dangerous place. If it's where I think it is there is a certain chance of being attacked." Ash whispered back and we left the house.

What nobody saw was Daniel watching them from the window with an angry look on his face.

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