Carithney: Hidden in Hogwarts

Carithney is a girl hiding in Hogwarts. Read about her (mis)adventures.


6. Chapter Six

"So, Carithney, what is your favorite color?"

"Um..." I thought it over for a moment. "Purple."

"Favorite animal?" Harry asked.


They looked surprised. "Uh, favorite book?"

"Alice in Wonderland," I replied.

Ron looks confused, whilst the others smile. "What's that?"he asked. 

Hermione rolls her eyes and explains it to him.

"What's your favorite book?" I asked Hermione in order to make polite conversation. 

"Oh, goodness!" she breathed. "How could I decide? There's this one I really like, about..."

I sort of zoned out, managing to smile and nod at the right places as Hermione described the plot line of many of her favorite books. With a light amusement, I noticed the others doing the same. Conversation such as this, most of which Hermione was responsible for, carried us the rest of the way to Hogwarts.

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