Carithney: Hidden in Hogwarts

Carithney is a girl hiding in Hogwarts. Read about her (mis)adventures.


7. Chapter Seven

    I stood in line with the first years, waiting for my name to be called. The Sorting Hat sat, stationary, on a stool in the center of the platform. 

    “Advair, Hillary,” McGonagall read from a list.

    A thin girl walked up to the stool and took a tentative seat. “Hufflepuff!” the hat announced after a moment’s deliberation.

    All I could think was how small the others looked. I was thin myself, but I definitely stuck out and, this time, it wasn’t entirely because of my purple hair. Even though I was enrolled in fourth year, I was just as nervous as they as I stepped up to the hat when my name was called.

    “Portos, Carithney.”

    I stepped forward, almost able to feel everyone’s eyes on me. I took a seat on the stool and felt McGonagall place the hat on my head.'re different. Special in a certain way, a bit brave. Very cunning...Kind...But very smart..

    “Hmm.. I think it ought to be RAVENCLAW!” it finally decided.

    It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest as I stood and walked to the table of blue and bronze, clapping for me. I slid in beside some girls at the end and tried to get a feel for my new house.

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