Carithney: Hidden in Hogwarts

Carithney is a girl hiding in Hogwarts. Read about her (mis)adventures.


1. Chapter One


I walked down the streets of London, ducking my head as the people passed, my waist length hair falling forward as I did so. I walked through a pub and headed straight to the back. Closing my golden-green eyes, I placed a slender hand on the brick wall. A moment later, there was a rumbling and I backed up as the wall folded up on itself, revealing a bustling street previously blocked from view.


I stepped through the opening and sighed, walking down the street to my old friend Ollivander’s shop. People stared as I brushed past, my purple skirts brushing the ground. Self-consciously, I looked down at the pavement and quickened my step. Coming to a stop in front of Ollivander's Wand Shop, I stepped in only after looking at my pointed ears in the shop window. The bell rang as I entered the small, musty store, filled to the brim with boxes containing wands of various shapes and sizes.


“Ollie! I’m here!” I called, stretching on my toes to see the back of the shop, eyes searching for the familiar face that I came to see.

When Ollivander came out from in between the aisles of boxes, I smiled, feeling that I would miss these visits most of all in the weeks to come. 

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