This is the story of Eden, a (not so) normal teenage girl. This an essay. Sorry about the many faults. Please comment to help me to improve myself. I saw really recently that there already was a trilogy with a vampire called Eden, I swear I didn't know, and I swear I didn't copy (I have never read the books) but I don't need to read to guess that the Julie Kagawa's books are better, she's a real author, not me.


3. Chapter III

Once home, I decided to have a shower. My mother was asking a glazier to make the windows tinted and double-glazing so the sun couldn't hurt me. After long negotiations, my brother finally convinced the mother to let us go to the party, but the condition was that we had to stay sober. I doubt she thought about me, I think she was talking to Owen, who used to drink a lot, and she wanted him to keep an eye on me, because she knew I didn't really get well with people.  My brother reassured her telling her he couldn't drink because he was the driver. We left to warehouse, picking Owen's friends, they all knew me as"Owen's weird little sister". They were really curious about me, I was like a specimen, that maybe was why they liked me. Well, I didn't hate them, they were cool with me :

- Hi Eden! So, your brother told us you were developing a allergy to sun, a kind of solar urticaria? Cara asked, a blond girl, didn't know if she was one of Owen's girlfriend, or Paul's (always thought she was everyone's girlfriend).

- Does Owen tell everything about me?  I answered. Yes, kind of, sun burns me, I'll have to live at night or in the darkness.

- Cara can learn you how to do, John said, smiling. That's what she does. She sleeps the all day, drapes closed because, according to her, daylight hurt her eyes, and she has a headache, and at night she goes out to celebrate and have fun.

- Well, I'd like to live this way, but it'll be harder for me because I still go to school, and school is compulsory.

- Ah! Secondary school's joys, Isabel remembered, pretending to be nostalgic.

- Pupils mocking, trays overthrown, acne, uniforms, lockers way too small, teachers that hate you, detention, and I forgot some..., Paul listed, dreamy. It was just 10 when we arrived at the warehouse, but the party was already on. schoolboys and schoolgirls were on each other, kissing and making I prefer not to know what, others were jumping in all directions, I mean dancing, and some were vomiting. Students were obviously expected, because a lot of people came to them. so I secluding myself to avoid any contact, and went to the calmest place. Music was too loud and was knocking in my head, I still had a headache, and I was still hungry. Previously in the car, I had felt that hunger which was hurting me from the inside, the place was hot, I felt  I was sweating, I wiped myself quickly, and got off my jacket. I sat next to a couple kissing. Then a guy of the football/rugby team came to me, I had recognizing because of that ridiculous blazer players wore in my school :

- Hum... Hello Carrow! So you came.

Obviously, useless comment, truism. He could see me, so I was there.

- Hem... Do you feel better by the way? I mean you almost fainted so... you see... we were a bit worried.

Really? They were worried? Touching. And ridiculous, they didn't even know me but as Owen's little sister, and they had talked to me just because of it.

- What was it? An adorafolia crisis?, he asked.

I finally answered:

- No, it was a solar urticaria. And it's not adorafolia, but agoraphobia. 

- Isn't it what I said? Sorry, don't know many things, I think if they still accept me at school,  it's because I'm a good player..., he told me confidentially. I smiled, and finally laughed. He could do self-mockery, that was good. Another boy came, apparently drunk:

- Leave her alone Lackey, if you want a real man, love, you have one in front of you.

It started again. I had to go out. Quick, while I had all my mind. I went out, and breathed. I realized later that the idiot one had followed me. Not Lackey, the other idiot one. He caught my arm:

- You're not that ugly, and you're a girl.

He drew me toward him. I could smell his alcoholic breathe. And suddenly the hunger, I kept hidden in my head, took the all place, I don't know what happened, but the hand around my arm slackened, and I heard a dull noise.

- Oh lord.

I turned around and sighted Owen, Cara and Paul, looking at me, frightened. No actually, they were not looking at me, but at something in my back, on the ground. I followed their sight, and saw what I had done. The guy who was holding me before was now on the ground. unconscious. I bent and took his pulse. And I panicked. There was no pulse. I pushed him with my shoe, and realized he was bloody. The smell was awful, sickening. I saw I also was bloody, and looked for a wound, but once again, it wasn't my blood. I sighted two small holes in the boy's gory neck. I realized what I had done, and what happened. I had killed this boy.

- Pleas, please, please Eden, tell me it's not you, tell me he killed himself before you, Owen said beginning and alarmed. I looked at him, unable to do anything. 

- Wh...What happened? Paul asked. I was mute, and I didn't even really know what exactly happened, I couldn't answer, I didn't know what to do.

- OK, leave her alone, she's still in shock, Cara intervened. We'll bring him to the hospital, and we'll invent  something to tell to the family and the police.

- We can't, I said, giggling.

- Yes we can, don't worry, he won't remember, he was totally drunk, just give me the weapon you used. Was it a knife? A two teeth fork? A...

- We can't bring him to the hospital, because he's dead.

Silence came. All of them looked at me. Then Owen looked for the dead man's pulse, and turned the head away. Than Cara said gently:

- Right, so we will... we're going to bring him back to his parents', and we'll talk about... about an attack, OK? But I'd like you to give me what you used to... anyway you understood what I meant.

- What the hell is happening?

It was Lackey. He was observing the scene, shocked and surprised, with opened mouth with perfect stupidity and incomprehension. This time, Owen talked.


- Too much people have already seen the corpse, so we'll bring him to his house. Paul give me the garbage'bag in the bin, Cara help me to put this...hum... in. Oi! You! Grab a bottle and make vanish any blood's taint. Then grab some leaves and put them over the floor. Let's go, let's lift him at three: one, two, three!

Cara and Owen lifted the body, brought it to the car. I suppose the scene was weird but the only people out were drunk and busy vomiting. About me? Well after my first fear feeling, I felt extremely great. Head and bums ache were gone, and I felt strong. I used to wear glasses when I was working and reading, I saw every thing perfectly, even though it was dark. I climbed in the car car and waited for the others to do the same. Now, I didn't give a damn about what I did. Yes I killed someone, and so? I felt free. We finally left. The ambiance was cold, bitter and nervous. I was the only one to be relaxed : Lackey was looking at his hands, twisting them, Cara was successively watching her hands and the dashboard, Owen was captivated by the road, and Paul was watching his thighs. Finally, Cara made lose interest at her hands and shouting at me to give her the weapon. I thought, I couldn't remember what exactly happened, and I remembered I didn't use any weapon, I made it by myself. When I said that, my brother swerved brusquely, we found ourself in the middle of the road, Paul started to shout at my brother, screaming five dead more were not necessary. My brother gazed me of his green gaze, and I looked at him back, without blinking. There was something different in me, not really psychological, but physical, but it wasn't obvious. My brother knew me well, really well, there was a connection between us, and he knew something was bizarre. He knew I wasn't lying. Cara got down of the car, and shouted all the swearwords in all the languages she knew as loud as she could, with an incredible surprising strength from a so.thin body. Paul joined her, and she couldn't hold herself up, and started to ask what we were going to do, sobs in her voice and tears in her eyes. I surprised myself thinking women were definitely weak. But I was a woman, and in this moment, I considered myself as a superior being, stronger, more powerful, above all of this, above crying, above panic, above emotion, above pain. Paul was going away with Cara on the road and called my brother. This one warned me giving a quick look at the next to me: " Eden, we already have a carcass in the luggage compartment, there's no place for another one". The one who was supposed to be my next victim didn't even look at me, as if his hands were more interesting. I neither gave him interest, still with that superior feeling inside of me, and gave attention to what Paul was saying to Cara. They were quite away, and Owen just had joined them. I tried to hear what they were saying. And I heard:

- Cara, that's fine. I know, we have to bring her at doctor's who doesn't know her. I know where to find one. She's a bit mystical, and crazy, but she's reliable, Paul was saying.

- You're talking about the old'Dorothy? Are you insane? She is mental! She is persuaded to be a witch, and lives with weeds around her the all day. She's never sober, I'm pretty sure drugs have wrecked her brain, my brother answered, with a mocking tone in the voice. 

- Do you have a better idea? No?, Cara brusquely replied. So, we drop the corpse and we got to Dorothy's.

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