This is the story of Eden, a (not so) normal teenage girl. This an essay. Sorry about the many faults. Please comment to help me to improve myself. I saw really recently that there already was a trilogy with a vampire called Eden, I swear I didn't know, and I swear I didn't copy (I have never read the books) but I don't need to read to guess that the Julie Kagawa's books are better, she's a real author, not me.


2. Chapter II

Hunger. I slowly opened my eyes. My mother was standing in front of the sofa, before me. Well, actually, all I could see was her legs. And they seemed really angry. My mother wasn't tall, but she seemed huge to me in that moment. There were flames in her eyes, and I felt that Owen and I were going to a bad time, a really bad time. Her red hear was like a mane and I would haven't been surprised to hear her roar. I shook Owen to awake him, because I didn't want to face the mothers' anger alone. This one grumbled, but totally awoke when he sighted our mother:

- Oh... hello mother, he tried, hesitating.


- But... mother... we went  out from the car to see... and there were no blood or anything and...., Owen succeed to say.


I didn't fell really concerned, and so what? It's all his fault, not mine. It's like that in the Carrow's, Every man for himself.


I think my mother exaggerated a bit. She was often, well, always, absent.

- Mother, you know, doctors said I had nothing, even if I need to go back to the hospital because they need to check how I reacted well to my return to home, I said. Oddly, my mother didn't say anything and gazed me. She caught my ear and Owen's one and stood us up. Her brown eyes gazed mine and Owen's ones. I think if eyes could kill, we'd be dead and buried for a while. Although Owen and I were taller than the mother, Owen seemed particularly small in that moment, and myself tried to shrink at most. She turned the head toward our old XVI th century pendulum. One of a moment, she blushed and started to shout:

- DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS? Owen you'll drop sibling in secondary school, Eden go and get dressed, hurry up!

 I went to the second floor as fast as I could ; with all that happened to me, I had forgotten secondary school, and had already missed a lot of class. I put my uniform on, and caught my toothbrush. Once I was clean, in my opinion, I quickly looked at me in the mirror. My long red hair was all messy above my head, my eyes, really clear, were surrounded by dark rings due to my lack of sleep. During my teenage years, I've had many different times, there first was the one when my puny body was lengthened and when my brother called me flamingo, then there was the one when I was smaller than everyone, and when I considered I was too curvy (curves came with hair and acne), and then the one when I was too slim and taller than everyone, I was in that period of my life. My high cheekbones were salient and dug a hole in my cheeks my neck was too long and too willowy, and my curves once so present had gone away. I was really tall, way taller than my mother and practically as tall as my brother. He was taller than me of not an inch. I also was taller than my father, and they had made notice, oh too much times, I was immense, and thinness did not help, it made me taller than I was. People were always surprised when they saw my parents because my father was medium-sized and my mother was small.I washed my face and heard my mother shout I was going to be late and I will be in troubles if I didn't hurry up. Trusting my mother's word, I gave up any hope to look presentable, caught my bag, and got out from the house running. I kissed my mother and jumped in the convertible my sibling was driving.

- You know your choice isn't really we, don't you? I asked on the way.

- Yes it is, every girls like convertibles, I don't know why, they say it's because it's manly or I don't know what..., he answered shaking his big curly head.

- Or it just gives you a stupid rich air, and girls are like magpies, and every shining thing attract them, and I'm happy to see that you more care about strangers than about your own sister, I interrupted him, angry.

- Wh... what?, he said looking at me, dazed.

- Yes mate, two days ago I was in hospital, do you remember? I'm allergic to the sun and you took a convertible! You could have taken another car, one with smoked windows or closed and normal car! You didn't think about that?! No?! Monsieur chose the convertible!

- Oh! Sorry I think about me! For three days, I only took care about you, do you remember that? This week end, when we went out to buy to Indian food 3 miles away, because a pizza wouldn't fit with Lady Carrow! If I had not tried to make you feel happy, you wouldn't have gone at the hospital.

I admitted. It was true it was my fault if we had gone away so fast from home. So I scowled and didn't talk during the all travel. He neither tried to start a conversation. Sky was stormy, that's maybe why I could go out without fainting like a... well I don't see what faint really often. Or burn. Like me. In the mid-October, there was a medley of summer's weather and winter's weather. Darkness and coldness made me think about winter and but sky reminded me of storms of summer. Owen dropped me in front of the institution gave me the mother's mail wrote to the teachers, so they could excuse my absences and my lateness. A girls' band was coming to the car, so I ran away quickly. I took my things in my locker, and arrived in the middle my history lesson. The teacher interrupted himself and observed coming in :

- Miss Carrow, I guess it's useless to make you notice you're late. Take a sit.

I loved history, but that teacher made them even more fascinating. He was really funny and treated us as his equals, which not many teachers did. The day happened as a normal school day. Boring as would say my favourite detective. Weather didn't brighten and it was fit me. 

- Carrow!

Oh, no, I could see troubles coming. And I couldn't run. I made as if I didn't hear. As I heard too many times, I finally returned, and perceived those guys who were part of the football's team proud like rooster because they could hit and run after a ball. Unless they were in the rugby's team.

- Carrow! Tonight there's a party in the warehouse of the town would you like to come?,  one of the guys who had drew near me asked. I felt surrounded and trapped. I peered him a bit uneasy as all the time people without brains came talk to me. Well, actually as all the time people I didn't know came talk to me.

- Why? Why should I come to your party? To bring my brother and his over 20years-old friends? Well then, just ask him! Look! He's there!

- Actually, we'd also like him to bring girls...

- Yeah, he can bring that too, I said. All of a sudden, it began again. The same feeling I felt with Paul. I was hungry and I could hear the beat of their heart and the blood knocking in their veins. So close, I was hungry, so hungry. I couldn't think about anything else. My only thoughy was I wanted to hurt them and I wanted to drain them from everything they had in their bodies.

- Get away! Off you go!

I was hungry and anything would fit. I sharply was brought back to reality by a burn. My brother was satnding by my side, I had to protect myslef from burns but I was unable to move and ache was crippling me. I fainted, and when I woke up, I felt worse than before I fainted. Doctors said they didn't know what happened and that my body was normal, and they  sent me back home. Owen was inveighing about the doctors' answer hitting the steering-wheel.

- A band of idiot in white blouse, That's all they are! She is maybe developing an addiction to morphine they say! Really! It was one of the first time she took some! But you know some people become addicts faster than others they say! Don't know how they got their Ph.D.! They must had buy for sure!

I hold myself from making him notice that he was studying medicine. That may be quite surprising because my brother tends to be stupid, a real daft sometimes. But I have to admit he is brilliant. Really. His university teachers always told him that he had to study cardiology, but he was more thinking about obstetrics. To everyone's surprise, at the end of secondary school, he had graduated, and he was major of his promotion. I really love my brother even if I never told him, and never told anyone. He had always cheered me up, and even if he didn't support me all the time, he tried to, when he thought it was really important to me, and he had always protected me, and allowed no one but himself to injure me, which had worth me peace at school, because, even if i have a strong temperament, I'm kind of a looser, and without him, I'd probably be bullied.  Owen and I were quite different, as physically that morally. He got green and soothing eyes, whereas I got blue and kind of disturbing eyes. He was black-haired and I was red-haired, he was tan, I was pale, he had dimple when he talked or smiled, my cheeks were hollowed and sleeked. He was extrovert, a bit naive, enjoyed talking, had a lot of friends, loved tattoos and sport, while I was cynical, had few friends (almost none), and was frightened by everything related to physical pain (points and sport were banished from my life, well except at school because I had to practise sport, I was forced to). The only thing we had in common were curly hair, a strong temperament, love of reading and a big forehead. When my brother had finished injuring doctors (and himself unconsciously), I talked about the party he was invited to. He said he'd talk about it with some of his friends but would probably not go. I knew he was worried for me, and I didn't want to stay home, so I made clear I was invited too, and said I wanted to got to that party. He finally agreed but warned me that I will just drink orange juice and that he'd keep a eye on me. I smiled and turned on the radio. We sang for the whole ride (and Oh bad).

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