This is the story of Eden, a (not so) normal teenage girl. This an essay. Sorry about the many faults. Please comment to help me to improve myself. I saw really recently that there already was a trilogy with a vampire called Eden, I swear I didn't know, and I swear I didn't copy (I have never read the books) but I don't need to read to guess that the Julie Kagawa's books are better, she's a real author, not me.


1. Chapter I

- Eden!

It was the first thing I heard. I couldn't open my eyes and I felt tingles in my arms and my hands. My head was heavy and my gums hurt.

- Eden!

This time, I opened my eyes. I was blinded by the light. Excruciating light. I attempted to stand but I couldn't, so I moaned to ask to close the windows.

- What did she say?

- I don't know. Could you repeat?

I repeated trying to articulate, but my gums really hurt. It hurt so much that I think I had tears in the eyes.

- What?

- I think she said : smoke nose widows.

- But, it doesn't mean anything!


I screamed this time because tingles had turned into unbearable pain. I felt like I was burning.

- Ha! I knew it didn't mean anything.

No more light. No more burns. I blinked and sighted curly hair and blue eyes that seemed vaguely familiar to me. I think it's important I point out that the eyes ant the hair didn't belong with the same body.

- Eden, are you awake?, asked the blue eyes. I knew that voice. I also knew the gaze. I turned the eyes on the other person above me. I observed his curly hair and his green eyes. I saw he was ready to talk. And suddenly, everything came back to my mind. 

- Wait, I think she's in chock and doesn't remember anything. Ok, I'm Owen and he is Paul. You name is Eden and...

- It's fine, it's fine... I know, I know very well who I am, you said my name so much time that I don't see how it could be different, and I know who you are. I know you, and I know you too Paul. I know everything I have to know, and maybe more than I should. Nevertheless, I ignore why I'm so bad. Maybe you have an answer.

- I dunno. I wasn't there. Ask Owen, Paul answered.

- Yes you were, Owen said, offended.

Paul explained me we were in the car and we had hit a man, while Owen was driving a bit fast. I went out from the car to see if the man was fine, and poof, no more Eden. No man outside, nothing alive or dead. A day later, as they were thinking about calling the police and Owen was really worried, hospital called them and they came to bring me back home. I was subjugated. Everyone ignored what happened to me, and yet, I was likely something happened. I observed and noted that I had no wounds, just a migraine, and the bums swollen. I touched my forehead. I didn't even have fever.

- Why did we bring me at the hospital?, I asked, puzzled.

- Because...um... someone left you in the hall. God knows who. You were covered of blood..., finally answered Owen after a pause.

- But I don't have any wounds, not a bruise, I even have a perfect skin today, not a pimple...

- It wasn't your blood.

I was aghast. It wasn't my blood, whose was it then? And who left me in the hospital? And over all of this, why? I all of a sudden realized I was hungry. Very hungry. I checked the room I was in. I was on a water bed (it's a bit weird for a person coming back from hospital), I saw many posters and pics on the wall, and in this place, the mess was king. It took a while until I realized I was in Owen's bedroom. The hunger I felt hurt my poor stomach, so I stood up, and said the established fact in a loud and distinct voice:

- I'm starving.

I ran down the stairs with a fast that have surprised me, but didn't because I was too busy wondering what I was going to eat to think about anything else, I opened the fridge and took everything that was cooked. I ate everything. Paul and Owen were looking at me, hallucinated to see me eating meat and so much, well I normally don't eat a lot, and I'm supposed to be vegetarian. Once I had eaten everything that could was edible and made with meat, i announced my imminent departure, with the surprised and chocked gaze of the boys: 

- Well, blokes, it was great but now I'm leaving, I'm tired and... I need to go to the toilets, I realized.  walked to the door.

- Er... Eden you...

- No, I really have to go Owen, bye!

- No, Eden you...

- Lots of love, see you later.

- Eden you...

When I arrived at the door, I turned at them:

- Oh! That's right. I live here. You could have tell me, couldn't you?! It would have avoid me this embarrassing moment.

- AH! Yes Why?! Why didn't we tell you, huh Paul? Owen asked obviously furious.

- I'm maybe amnesic, you mustn't shout at me. But Owen, if I live here, I have my own room right? So why was I in your bedroom?

- Well because...

- Anyway, I'm in my room. 

- No no no no no no no Eden!

I was already upstairs and I had opened the door of my bedroom. Aching hurt got through my skin. I quickly closed the door.

- Do you sometimes listen ?

- Nope, why ?

- Because, as you just saw, anytime we tried to set you in your bedroom, you moaned and you seemed to be hurt, and when you stayed too long kind of blisters and burns appeared on your skin.  The doctors experimented many times to put you under sun, and they deduced that you may had a sun allergy.

- Doctors are daft.

I had always said the exact opposite. Doctors were genius, but because of that allergy story, I had developed a hate against them. Suddenly, I felt the desire to kill them all. At my surprise, the other's one, I had created a hole in the wall. I quickly moved apart to avoid light and observed that hole with distance. While Paul and Owen were hung over, I was stepping back. I had always have the strength  of a mousquito, I used to broke my wrist when I played volleyball. Whereas, there my hand was normal. No blood, no broken phalanx, nothing. Paul turned at me:

- Whoo! Who would believe that? Certainly not me. But who let the dot out.

- Do not compare me to a dog or I murder you, right? And we will know where the blood on me is from. 

- Of course, doggy.

I ran at him, and stuck him to the wall by the neck. I felt a strange feeling. Like hunger. Like I was ready to bite in a hamburger. Well no... I don't like it. And I'm vegetarian. Like I was going to bite the most pleased meal, and the biggest one. It made me free. I heard a regular sound like a pulse. I realized that sound was from his arteries and his veins. I knew what sens his blood was going. Paul's exposed throat enticed me like a magnet. I also knew I was going to hurt him. But I wanted it, I wanted to make him suffer...

- Um, Eden, could you, please, get away from my white and beautiful throat, because, er... you scare me a little... and...uh..., because AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!

I stepped back surprised. This shriek had literally perforated my ear-drums, and now Owen was standing in front of me interbreeding his fingers as a cross repeating ; " Vanodetro Satanas, vanodetro Satanas!". Paul, him, was looking at me wavering I looked at them successively thunderstruck.

- Wh...sorry Paul, I..., I said, embarrassing.

- Vanodetro Satanas, repeated Owen, with his ridiculous position.

- I... I am so sorry...I... I don't know what happened... honestly, I said again.

Paul looked at me, like he was surprised while Owen kept on ceaseless litany.

- You don't know what happened ? What happened is your eyes turned red, and your veins went out on your face and your neck, you were everything but human, like if you didn't feel, like if you didn't have soul anymore... explained Paul keeping his distance.

- Vanodetro Satanas!

- I...shut up Owen... I had lost my soul? C'mon that's stupid. Every normal human being has what we commonly call a soul...shut up...or more precisely a conscience, i said replyied, not that confident actually.

- Vanodetro Satanas!

- Yes, well you, you looked like everything but a normal human being, Paul answered to me.

I though quickly. It was true that the moment I was near to his neck, I wasn't myself anymore. It happened to me really rarely before and not this way. When it did, I was puking all I could have in my guts because I drank too much ( I had, by the way, swear it will never happen to me again the next day when I found myself with a headache quite similar to the one I had, maybe less painful, maybe not). I couldn't focus because of Owen's " Vanodetro Satanas" and my hunger was back though a few minutes lasted since my last meal:

- You know what? We're going to the Wonderwall, OK? We'll talk about all of this later, what do you think now of big plate of nachos?, I proposed.

- With some guacamole?, Paul asked, shining eyes.

- With what you want, I pay, I answer with a smile. SHUT UP OWEN!


The night had come when we arrived at the restaurant. I had won back Paul's trust with the nachos, and explained to Owen that, first, it wasn't vanodetro Satanas, but vade retro Satanas, and that second, it didn't have any impact on me, or anyone by the way. I convinced myself the same time that all of this was because I was in chock, and no doubt was it a post-"accident" trauma. Paul came back in his home and Owen and I came back in ours.

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