Twinkle twinkle

Penny Ruby isn't a normal 14 year old girl, she can breath underwater, fly above the clouds and talk to animals. She's hunted by the government, who want all outcasts to be sent away without another thought, Can Penny and her best friend Anijj out run them?


4. The field

I woke up, lying in a field of corn.

My ankle was swollen and my arm ached awfully, I looked beside me, Anijj was lying crookedly her arm was tangled in her dark plaits.


She stirred and opened her eyes, she looked at me, then at the wrecked helicopter. I stood up dusting myself off, limping on my bad ankle. Anijj crept up, stretching out, there was a gash in her left arm. She poked it, just before I had time to say not to.


I rolled my eyes,

"So, where to now then?"

"W....what do you mean?"

"Well you made it very clear that you were coming with me so, do you have any ideas?"

Anijj squirmed,

"Don't know! Sorry! I thought you would!"

I sighed, Anijj was like that, always sticking the blame on someone else. However I suppose I was the one who ran away in the first place.

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