Twinkle twinkle

Penny Ruby isn't a normal 14 year old girl, she can breath underwater, fly above the clouds and talk to animals. She's hunted by the government, who want all outcasts to be sent away without another thought, Can Penny and her best friend Anijj out run them?


3. The crash

I fluttered through the air, soaring like a bird, even though I had no wings. Anijj called my name, I blanked her out. Carrying on flying, she never relented, not even once. I felt guilty for leaving her behind, but what choice did I have? My toes scrunched up, the cold air was increasing. A helicopter towered in front of me. I saw the pilot. Anijj. She was crazy, stupid, she didn't know how to fly a helicopter in the first place!

"Anijj stop!"

But Anijj rebelled, she stormed after me, I streamed through the air. I could hear the helicopter becoming unsteady, I looked behind me, Anijj was spiralling out of control.


I screamed, and without a second glance flew across to help. Anijj was trying to unbuckle her seat-belt. I violently tried to wiggle her out, I did, eventually. The helicopter was still sparking and cracking, it fell, scrambling in a frenzy to get free.


On us.

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