Twinkle twinkle

Penny Ruby isn't a normal 14 year old girl, she can breath underwater, fly above the clouds and talk to animals. She's hunted by the government, who want all outcasts to be sent away without another thought, Can Penny and her best friend Anijj out run them?


2. Fly

Anijj slipped into the water behind me, her floral blouse soaking all the way through. Her skin glistened with beads of water. I carried on, pushing through, ignoring her comments.

"You don't have to do this, why?"

I ducked my head under the water, my blonde hair turning a soft shade of brown.

"Just go away Anijj!" I shouted, shoving her away from me. Her dark hair was plaited, mascara running down her face. Her eyes streamed with tears,

"Please! You haven't done anything wrong!"

"Not yet! Just stay away and I won't hurt you!"

Anijj cried in anguish, I dipped under the water again, sliding through the water like a dolphin. The leaves getting in my face, I scurried out of the lake on the other side of the bank. Scuttling away whilst I still could, Anijj emerged out of the water, just as I'd rushed into the air.

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