Undecided Torture

Sandra has been in a relationship with Luke for a year and a half. Their relationship was her longest and best relationship so far.
Until Luke oddly decided he didn't want to continue..
Harry, Sandra's best friend, comforts her and suddenly told her his dark secrets that she wished she didn't hear, especially from him.
Luke tries to get back into her life and she has no choice but to pick a side: her sorry first lover or her confusing best friend.


8. Wattpad!

~~Hello everyone! I have posted this story on Wattpad.

The reason why I did is because I can automatically upload it on my phone while I'm at school or work.

I have many chapters on there that I haven't posted yet.

Plus, I changed a few things like grammar and stuff so I recommend you to read it from the beginning.

My username is: ardnaso and the cover of the story looks the same so you can easily find it.


http://www.wattpad.com/story/35274271-undecided-torture << I think that's the link lol

Please comment, vote or whatever :)

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